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Well it has finally happen a french script site enjoy
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Switching from iPhone to Android is never an easy task. It can be hard to get all of the data from one device to another in just the right way. One of the most difficult types of data to transfer from an iOS platform to Android is application data such as WhatsApp messages. In order to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android, you must employ the services of a specially designed...
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Accidentally lost all my contacts on iPhone after I updated my iPhone to iOS 12, and I forgot to back them up with iTunes. What should I do to recover my deleted contacts and phone numbers from my iPhone while I have no backup? Any advice will be appreciated.
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Once the private data falls into the wrong hands, the consequences would be unimaginable. AweEraser, the reliable data erasure software, can help you permanently erase private data before you resell, donate, give away, lend or abandon your computer or storage device, beyond the scope of data recovery.AweEraser provides flexible data erasure solutions to help you permanently erase data under...
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I will Be doing updates on the Multi-Conn Addons will be more creative iconsmore Networks added. It will be some time until its done as im not always on but I have been appearing quite a lot lately. So lets cross fingers and get this done!!
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Went around looking and see there's a new chat server called TUSHAT seems to be a spanish network. so I'm going to say welcome to the chat world TUSHAT!!