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  2. IRC Tutorial: Illustrated, Step by Step Guide Internet Chat Relay (IRC) is a popular, free, and open-source chat environment written in 1988. People use it to communicate one-on-one, or in groups with multiple users. In its heyday (the mid-1990s to the late 2000s) IRC was the backbone of the largest distributed chat network in the world. To this day, people use it to communicate with others on IRC networks all over the world. This article includes a step-by-step guide on how to use IRC, as well as plenty of resource material to help you learn more. Tutorial: How to Use mIRC to Connect to IRC Windows is the most popular operating system in the world, which is why we chose an IRC client for Windows. This highly rated IRC client makes it easy to find a channel, chat, and create your own channel within a few minutes. mIRC is fast, stable, and free. Let’s get started. Step 1 — Install mIRC Download and Install mIRC from the official mIRC webpage. Step 2 — Run mIRC When you open the program, a pop up window gives you the option to register your copy for a small fee. This is completely optional. For now, just hit the Continue button. If another window pops up, hit Continue once again. Step 3 — Choose a Server Now we are going to choose a server. mIRC has a list of popular servers to make things easy. Go to File > Select Server, or hit Alt+E to open up the mIRC Options window. Choose the server you want, and click the Select button. Step 4 — Create a Nickname Now you will be taken to the Connect category in Options. Create a nickname. Two users on the same network cannot have the same nickname, which is why it’s a good idea to choose something really unique for your nickname and to input an alternative. The Name and Email fields are optional. Most people do not use their real information in these fields. Once you have filled out the nickname, and the alternative, click the Connect button. Step 5 — Join a Channel If everything went according to plan, you will connect to the server, and a Favorites window will pop-up with a list of commonly used channel names. You can choose one, or if you know the channel you want, you can enter it. I happen to know a channel I want called #worldchat. Hit Enter, or click the Join button to start chatting! Step 6 — Create Your Own Channel Creating and managing your own channel is incredibly easy. All you need to do is think of a channel name that isn’t already on the server, and enter the following: /join #mynewchannel Finding a Channel Once you are connected to a server, you may have trouble finding channels you are interested in. Let’s now explore three different ways to browse channels on an IRC network. Channels List Press Alt+L while in the mIRC Channels List window, or go to Tools > Channels List. You can get the full list of active channels by clicking the Get List button. The LIST Command /list Another way to find a list of channels is with the LIST command. Once you enter the command, a window with a list of all the available channels will pop-up. Enter the following in the chat bar: /list Keep in mind because servers each have a unique set of features, the LIST command doesn’t work on all servers. IRC Search Engines Mibbit, and irc.netsplit.de/ are two of the best search engines for IRC. Use them the same way you would any popular search engine. IRC Resources You don’t need any special skills to begin using IRC. All that is required is an internet connection, and an IRC Client (the software that connects you to an IRC server). But, there are a few things that you should know in order to get the most out of IRC. The sections below cover IRC networks, IRC clients, and IRC servers. Getting Started with IRC: a concise introduction for absolute beginners. IRC Networks and Servers IRC implements the client-server software model, where the application distributes tasks between a resource provider (server) and a requester (client). This model is widely used for programs that require real-time communications — such as a web browser, email application, or video chat app like Skype. An IRC chat session can be hosted on a single computer or a network. Servers join together to create IRC networks of all shapes and sizes. There are hundreds of networks on IRC categorized into a wide range of different topics. Some of the most popular IRC networks include Freenode, IRCnet, EFnet, QuakeNet, Undernet, and Rizon. Chanlist: this site features a list of popular IRC channels. netsplit.de: the front page of this website regularly posts updated stats on user data, including an annual top ten based on popularity. IRC Clients The client takes your commands and helps the server execute them. IRC clients can either be console applications (command line only) or GUI applications. Dozens of different clients have been developed over the years. While each client has its own unique look and feel, they all contain some common features. Features include things like buddy lists, file sharing, multiple connections, IPv6, SSL encryption, proxy support, UPnP, and options for customization. There are several clients for Windows, Mac, and Unix/Linux. The links below take you to a page of tables that compare active IRC clients by feature. Desktop Clients: see a list of IRC desktop clients which includes mIRC, Hexchat, Colloquy, and WeChat. Web Clients: web clients let you connect to IRC directly from a website in your browser. This list includes IRCCloud, Mibbit, Freenode, and Kiwi IRC. Mobile Clients: this list of mobile IRC clients contains mobile phone IRC apps, including AndChat, IRCCloud, and Colloquy. A comparison of IRC clients: this Wikipedia page also compares internet relay chat clients by features. Security IRC is no different than any other internet service when it comes to security risks. The right knowledge can help you dodge malicious bots, hackers, viruses, spammers, and other security threats. The links below can help you find tools and information to stay safe. IRC Security: this is a helpful guide from IRChelp that outlines security concerns you should be aware of. It covers everything you will run into from harassment to Trojan Horse viruses. World Wide Web Privacy: this is our guide on privacy for the web. Learn how to stay safe. Cryptography: this resource can help you lock down your IP address to stop attackers in their tracks. IRC: Past, Present, and Future Chat has come a long way on its journey from a console application (text only) to a graphical user interface application (GUI), and IRC was at the epicenter of it all. IRC is much different today than it was when it was written by Jarkko Oikarinen. It all began as a hack to extend BBS software used at the University of Oulu, Finland. Like many success stories, the decision to make IRC an open source project spawned a vibrant community around IRC, which sparked rapid development. IRC was far from the first text-based chat software, but it predated a cultural zeitgeist — social networking. The fact that IRC is capable of creating a global, distributed network makes it incredibly useful. The resources below take you on a tour of IRCs past. IRC History: this is a storied account of IRCs history. IRC History by Jarkko Oikarinen: an essay about IRC by its creator. The Great Split: this informative article describes how the IRC split and branched off into separate networks. IRC Decline and Future: this section of IRCs Wikipedia entry goes into detail about the decline and future of IRC. Today, there are a number of ways to communicate in real-time. Mobile devices with free text-messaging are widely available. Let’s not forget that hundreds of millions of users enjoy dirt-cheap instant messaging on Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, Foursquare, Twitter, Slack, SnapChat, WeChat, WhatsApp, and Instagram. And that’s just to name a few of your options! IRC has changed much over the years. While most people agree that the golden years of IRC is over, there are still hundreds of thousands of active users logged in at any given time. It now serves to augment other forms of communication. IRC is still a reliable multi-user chat environment, which lends itself well to learning. Computer programmers and software developers on the Freenode network use IRC extensively for open source projects, and other developers are working to make IRC more modern. IRCv3: there is an effort of standardization and adding new features to the IRC protocol by IRCv3 working group. Freenode: an invaluable resource for those who want to learn open source web development. This network is filled with hundreds of users who are often willing to help. Going Further: Resources for Advanced Users There are endless possibilities to what you can do with IRC. It has many uses for business or pleasure. Below are some links that introduce you to some of IRCs advanced features. Advanced Users: there is a huge list of tutorials to consume here. The Book of IRC: The Ultimate Guide to Internet Relay Chat (1999) by Alex Charalabidis: this is truly the ultimate guide to internet chat. It explains everything you need to know to go from complete beginner to advanced user. Common Commands: add these useful commands to your bag of tricks. Technical Information: learn about the software and protocols that power IRC. IRC in the Twenty-First Century IRC has likely already experienced its hay day. But it still has a vital role in the online world. And this tutorial and collection of resources should help you get acquainted with this useful chat too
  3. Chat like it’s 2000 2020: Using IRC in the modern world 2020-01-17 :: Gideon Wolfe #irc #Linux #workflow Have you ever been frustrated with the bloated nature of todays favorite chat applications? I for one prefer the simplicity of a text based chat to all the bells and whistles provided by competitors. On IRC you can browse thousands of publicly listed chatrooms, many tailored to the exact software or system you happen to be using. While IRC might not be a drop in substitute to more fleshed out teamchat programs, nothing beats hopping into a chat room full of strangers to troubleshoot and discuss whatever the topic of the room may be. Think subreddits, but in real time. Now currently I’m not in a position where I’m forced to use a proprietary chat software at work. Thusly I have not yet been forced to configure my IRC clients to work with other protocols like Slack or Steam. If and when I am put into that unfortunate position, you can expect a tutorial on configuring bitlbee! The IRC Client To keep consistency in my terminal workflow, I opt to use Weechat, a fast and configurable terminal IRC client. The configuration for weechat is crazy complex, so I will leave the custom settings for another post. Let’s address the basics. On my left side there is a list of active buffers. A buffer can be a public channel, a PM with another user, or even a window to issue settings and commands. The networks I am connected to are the farthest to the left, and indented under them are the channels to which I am connected. If a channel is highlighted pink, it means there has been activity since I last saw it. The buffer I am currently attached to is denoted with the >> before it. Adding networks In today’s climate, the go to IRC network is freenode, having by far the most active channels. I also opt to join the snoonet network, which hosts channels for many popular subreddits. You can browse thousands of channels here, with topics spanning all hobbies and professions (with a heavy tech slant, seeing as this is IRC after all). I will quickly break down how to get up and running with freenode and weechat. /server add freenode chat.freenode.net /connect freenode You should be connected to freenode. Now we need to register a nickname. Change the your nickname to your desired one with this command /nick <nickname> Assuming the nick is available, you can register it with /msg NickServ REGISTER password youremail@example.com Assuming you are only using IRC on one machine at a time, and only plan on using weechat, you can go ahead and start joining channels with /join #channel. ZNC This wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to be able to access IRC on my phone, and see the history of conversations I had missed, or carry on a conversation if I had to leave the house. These are default features for any modern chat client. As it stands now, you are only allowed to log in to your nickname from one client at a time, throwing a wrench in the above requirements. Even if I diligently logged in and out of each client anytime I went anywhere, I would be joining the channels without any context of the conversation currently in place. That’s where an IRC bouncer comes in. A bouncer keeps a constant connection to your favorite networks and channels, allowing you to connect to your bouncer with as many clients as you please. Not only that, there are a host of additional features such as logging and support for multiple users! The bouncer I am using is ZNC. Normally, I would reverse proxy my ZNC traffic with Traefik. Unfortunately, Traefik seems to have a real tough time with TCP, and the documentation is just not there yet for me to get this working. Many others I talked to shared my frustrations. Because of this, I am simply exposing the port on the container and then forwarding the port on my router to the IRC entrypoint. The docker compose section for ZNC is as follows: znc: image: linuxserver/znc container_name: znc environment: - PUID=1000 - PGID=1000 - TZ=Europe/Los_Angeles volumes: - $HOME/data/programs/docker/znc/config/:/config ports: - 4798:4798 # Port bind for IRC only traffic - 6501:6501 # Only exposed locally for web admin Copy I opted to create a second port bind in ZNC, which I expose to the web. This only allows IRC traffic, nobody will mess with the config page. Here you can see the ZNC settings page, where you can configure users, the networks they belong to, and the channels they should connect to. Scrolling down even further we can see a list of modules, their arguments and their status. Now we want to connect to our ZNC instance from Weechat! That can be done with the following command: /server add ZNC-Network <znc address>/<port> -username=user/Network -password=<znc pass> -autoconnect If you are connected to multiple IRC networks through ZNC, you need to add a separate ZNC connection for every network. For example for freenode, I would do the following: /server add ZNC-Freenode irc.mydomain.tld/4798 -username=gideon/Freenode -password=<znc pass> -autoconnect Note the name of the network (defined in ZNC settings) becomes part of the username argument. Different clients will have different ways of Handling this. If everything works correctly, your client should rapidly connect to all the channels you configured. Grab your favorite mobile IRC client (there is a mobile version of Weechat) and connect to the ZNC! Now you can take all your conversations on the go. Conclusion IRC is a super valuable resource for discussing and troubleshooting various topics with knowledgeable people from around the world! This guide is meant to outline the steps to creating a seamless IRC experience in the 21st century, while keeping what makes IRC special in the first place. In another tutorial I will go into some advanced Weechat configuration to bring out the best of the client!
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    ServerCountryDistance from youSponsorUsersdreamhack.se.quakenet.org5895.45 kmDreamhack1710 (18%)euroserv.fr.quakenet.org5521.57 kmEuroserv671 (7%)irc.ipv6.quakenet.org5895.45 kmIP-Only588 (6%)port80a.se.quakenet.org5891.25 kmIP-Only1334 (14%)port80b.se.quakenet.org5891.25 kmIP-Only1127 (12%)port80c.se.quakenet.org5891.25 kmIP-Only1133 (12%)portlane.se.quakenet.org5895.45 kmPortlane1196 (13%)underworld1.no.quakenet.org5497.79 kmUnderworld1525 (16%)underworld2.no.quakenet.org5429.15 kmUnderworld249 (3%)Total public servers
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  6. Microsoft has announced a new free-to-use initiative aimed at uncovering forensic evidence of sabotage on Linux systems, including rootkits and intrusive malware that may otherwise go undetected.The cloud offering, dubbed Project Freta, is a snapshot-based memory forensic mechanism that aims to provide automated full-system volatile memory inspection of virtual machine (VM) snapshots, with capabilities to spot malicious software, kernel rootkits, and other stealthy malware techniques such as process hiding.The project is named after Warsaw's Freta Street, the birthplace of Marie Curie, the famous French-Polish physicist who brought X-ray medical imaging to the battlefield during World War I. Read more @t  https://thehackernews.com/2020/07/microsoft-linux-forensics-rootkit.html
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    Just wanted to give out a huge shout to Koach on his Birthday today may you have many more heading your way old friend and all the best on your special day. P.S stop being a hog and share the cake 
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    He who drinks a fifth on the fourth...May not be able to go forth on the fifth!
  10. Reportedly, a researcher Dinesh Devadoss caught a new malware in the wild targeting Mac devices. Disclosing about it in a tweet, the researcher stated that he found the malware impersonating the Google Software Update Program. Nonetheless, further analyses of the malware revealed that that is not the only source through which the malware disseminated. Rather, the malware, precisely, ransomware, first named an EvilQuest, then renamed as ThiefQuest, actually spread through many sources. According to Patrick Wardle’s analysis, he caught the malware sample packaged as a pirated copy of the popular music software ‘Mixed In Key’. Whereas, Thomas Reed of Malwarebytes found it packaged as the pirated version of Little Snitch – a macOS application firewall. So, it seems the threat actors may have hidden the ThiefQuest ransomware in various false apps for Mac devices. In brief, upon reaching the target device after the victim installs the fake app. Along with the legit installer, the package also downloads an executable file named ‘patch’ on the device. This would, in turn, launch the malware whilst establishing the infected device’s communication with the C&C server.Attribution link: https://latesthackingnews.com/2020/07/07/thiefquest-ransomware-targets-mac-devices-as-it-spreads-via-piracy/
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  12. When wondering about widgets, one would be wise to weigh which widget is a widget worth welcoming. Apologies for my atrociously annoying alliteration. (Ah, blast. There I go again.) The thing about a widget, though, is — well, it sounds silly. And it's easy to write off as being irrelevant to your life as an Extremely Serious Smartphone User. But playful as they may seem — and frivolous as they often appear — Android widgets can actually be a real asset when it comes to mobile productivity. In fact, once you wade through the Play Store's endless-seeming array of weather widgets, clock widgets, and, uh, more weather widgets, a sea of genuinely useful options awaits. These standout Android widgets add value to your smartphone setup by putting timely information and complex functions right on your home screen, where they're always in sight and easy to reach. In doing so, they save you precious steps and help you get more accomplished in less time. Read More Here
  13. I will be adding more various snippets in different languages this weekend as im a bit busy with work.
  14. President Donald Trump on Monday took aim at NASCAR's Darrell Bubba Wallace, a prominent Black driver, falsely claiming on Twitter that the sport's recent anti-racist stance had lowered its television ratings. Has @BubbaWallace apologized to all of those great NASCAR drivers & officials who came to his aid, stood by his side, & were willing to sacrifice everything for him, only to find out that the whole thing was just another HOAX? Trump tweeted. That & Flag decision has caused lowest ratings EVER! Read More Here
  15. The United States government has filed a superseding indictment against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange accusing him of collaborating with computer hackers, including those affiliated with the infamous LulzSec and "Anonymous" hacking groups. The new superseding indictment does not contain any additional charges beyond the prior 18-count indictment filed against Assange in May 2019, but it does "broaden the scope of the conspiracy surrounding alleged computer intrusions with which Assange was previously charged," the DoJ said. In May 2019, Assange was charged with 18 counts under the old U.S. Espionage Act for unlawfully publishing classified military and diplomatic documents on his popular WikiLeaks website in 2010, which he obtained from former Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning. Read More Here
  16. In a recent post, Facebook has announced an important feature update for users. As disclosed, Facebook will notify users whenever they try sharing links with old content. According to John Hegeman, VP Feed and Stories, this feature will help people know the context when sharing content. Hence, they will get a notification whenever they share a link to an article over 90 days old. Attribution link: https://latesthackingnews.com/2020/06/30/facebook-to-alert-users-when-sharing-old-content/
  17. Introduced at WWDC 2020, Apple’s iOS answer to Android’s app drawer makes its debut in iOS 14. It’s called App Library and works by gathering all your apps inside folders to make it easier to find the apps you want without endless swiping between screens. What did Apple say about App Library? Speaking at last weeks WWDC, Apple Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Craig Federighi said Federighi continued to observe [ Related: Wireless chargers for Apple's iPhone X ] What does App Library do? The App Library sits at the end of your Home screen pages and automatically organizes your apps in one easy to handle view consisting of logically named folders of app. If you have lots of home pages full of apps, you can choose to hide some or all of them, so you end up with just a couple of pages of the apps you use most often, with the App Library kept in a page at the end. [Also read: How to use widgets on iPhone and iPad] The idea is that you can find the apps you need in just a couple of swipes and taps. (Though you can always ask Siri to open a specific app and doing so is often faster.) At the top of the App Library you’ll find a search field that lets you find named apps. Read More Here
  18. Microsoft this week warned enterprise and education customers running Windows 10 that it will start replacing the old, original Edge browser on their PCs with the newer Chromium-based version on or after July 30. First to get the forced swap will be machines in educational settings, Microsoft said, citing back-to-school scheduling for the prioritization. (Many K-12 schools, along with colleges and universities, are saying, "We will share a business timeline at a later date," wrote Elliot Kirk, senior program manager with the Edge team, in a July 30 post to a company blog. Read More Here
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  20. been having fun using the KVirc on major IRC Servers and having fun with it. Experimenting on all the different layouts and the commands and etc Looking to learn more come on Freenode and #KVirc
  21. Apple’s announced move to its own ARM-based processors to power upcoming Mac computers beginning in 2021 makes sense. The company can rationalize its environment across desktops, tablets and smartphones, and also potentially increase its margins by building its own chips (something that would not make sense if it did not have the massive volumes it has in smartphone processors). But the move is not necessarily a fully compatible one for users of all applications – especially enterprise apps that may need a rewrite to operate effectively. This means companies that deploy Macs in production environments need to decide what the new platform will mean for powering their workforce. While Apple believes few glitches will crop up as it moves macOS to new silicon – and no doubt will do all it can to make that a reality – there is a good possibility disruptions could still occur. Read More @ https://www.computerworld.com/article/3564149/what-apples-mac-move-away-from-intel-means-to-the-enterprise.html
  22. I know, I know: According to almost every tech publication out there, this week is all about Magical and Revolutionary Things™ in the iOS universe. But let's set aside the superlative-slinging wizard-wand for a moment — 'cause here in the land o' Android, we've got some serious thinking to do. We're nearly two weeks into the release of Google's Android 11 Beta, y'see, and I can't help but obsess a bit over what this software suggests could — or at least should — come next. (And just think: If Google does in fact move forward with what I'm proposing, iPhone users can expect to see the same exact thing added to iOS in another five years! Hey-oh!) At this point, as I laid out in a recent newsletter, Android 11 strikes me as coming down to three main themes: smarter privacy, smarter messaging, and smarter controls for the ways we interact with media and devices. The privacy part is arguably the most important, but the more I've lived with the messaging changes, the more I've come to appreciate how meaningful they are — and the more I've come to contemplate what other improvements they could pave the way for in a future release. [Get fresh Googley insight in your inbox every Friday with JR's Android Intelligence newsletter. Exclusive extras await!]The Android messaging mashup: Part IBefore we dive into the future, let's do a quick recap of the present: Android 11, in case you haven't been paying attention, has a couple of noteworthy new communication-related touches — both of which seem relatively inconsequential on the surface but start to show their value as you actually use 'em and experience their effect in the real world. First is a revamp of the Android notification panel in which conversation-related notifications — from any app or service — get separated out into their own special section at the top. Then, for any alert that shows up in that section, you can press and hold the notification to easily set its sender as a priority-level person. JRDoing so pins that person's notifications to the top of the Conversations section and causes their profile photo to appear as its own separate icon within your status bar whenever a notification from them is present. And here's the key part of all of this: Everything looks and acts the same, no matter what app or service is involved. JRThe second new element is the presence of Bubbles, a multitasking system we first heard about back in the Android 10 development era and are just now seeing in action for the first time. This part isn't totally up and running just yet, as hardly any apps are set up to support it yet — but once developers get on board with the system, it'll let you tap a special icon within any conversation-related notification to pop that conversation out into a floating window. The window then stays on top of whatever else you're doing and can be collapsed down into a small floating circle for easy ongoing access. RECOMMENDED WHITEPAPERSSmart Buildings Get Personal XDR: Enterprise-Scale Detection and Response AA Rating from NSS Labs GoogleSo here's how this all comes together in practice and why I'm talking your ear off about it: The effect of these various pieces is that messaging on Android is starting to feel more consistent and connected — less like juggling conversations from a dozen different apps and more like interacting with a streamlined communication environment on the operating system level. Read More @ https://www.computerworld.com/article/3563830/android-messaging.html
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    Mirror messages from IRC channel to Skype chatroom and vice versa * Support regular messages, emotes (`/em`) and Skype message edits * Only from IRC side * In chat, trigger mirroring transparently by adressing the bot with `ON` or `OFF` * Direct messages to bot * Turn mirroring to Skype `ON` or `OFF` for the user, get user's present `STATUS` * Query for Skype users mirrored to IRC channel using `INFO #channel` **This bot deliberately prefers IRC to Skype!** INSTALL ------- On Ubuntu/Debian you need `python-irclib` and `python-skype` as well as Skype itself to run the script. For `python-skype` I used the version provided at `ppa:skype-wrapper/ppa`.
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    Couple of old script links we use to see IRC scripts on and addon's there no longer active!! www.absurd.cjb.net http://www.geocities.com/mayhemirc/mIRC5.html http://www.irctools.com www.irc4us.cjb.net http://www.team-clanx.net/ http://www.projectx.mx.dk/ http://www.mircscripts.org/ http://www.mircx.com/ http://www.mircscripts.com/ http://www.irc-scripts.com/ http://www.hawkee.com/cgi-bin/topscripts.cgi
  25. on ^*:open:?: { if ($query(0) > 5) { .ignore -pu30 * silence + $+ $wildsite echo -a Query window flood detected, ignoring messages for 30 seconds... close -m haltdef } }
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    ########## # OMdB Script ########## # Retrieves info about movies from the OMDB database ########## # Create your own API key here: http://www.omdbapi.com ########## # Thanks to SergioR for the help in the formatQuery stuff and for # helping me find out why I wasn't getting any output at the begin ########## ########## # Configuration ########## set omdbtrigger "!" set APIkey "--GET YOUR OWN--" ########## # End of configuration ########## # If you touch the code below and then complain the script "suddenly stopped working" I'll touch you at night. (THANKS thommey) ########## ########## # The following packages are required to this script to work ########## package require http package require json ########## # Binds ########## bind pub - ${omdbtrigger}omdb imdb:pub ########## # End of binds ########## ########## # Procs ########## proc imdb:pub {nick uhost hand chan text} { global APIkey set data [http::data [http::geturl "http://www.omdbapi.com/?[http::formatQuery apikey $APIkey t $text]" -timeout 10000]] ::http::cleanup $data set datadict [::json::json2dict $data] set Response [dict get $datadict "Response"] if {$Response eq "False"} { set Error [dict get $datadict "Error"] putserv "PRIVMSG $chan :$Error" return 0 } set Title [dict get $datadict "Title"] set Released [dict get $datadict "Released"] set Runtime [dict get $datadict "Runtime"] set imdbRating [dict get $datadict "imdbRating"] set imdbID [dict get $datadict "imdbID"] putserv "PRIVMSG $chan :\002Title:\002 $Title | \002Released:\002 $Released | \002Duration:\002 $Runtime | \002Rating:\002 $imdbRating | \002IMDb:\002 https://www.imdb.com/title/$imdbID" return 0 } putlog "OMDB v1 Loaded @ 21/06/2020"
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    Rizon Chat Network

    Rizon is an IRC (internet relay chat) network that has been around for 17 years and counting. It is an entirely free service that allows you to setup a channel to chat with your friend about any old topic, or to coordinate with your group. Home to many high-profile websites such as 4chan, eRepublik, and more. Run by nearly 100 staff members over 20 worldwide servers, Rizon provides a strong base for any project, be it for fun or serious. In addition, Rizon takes free speech very seriously and avoids any censorship. InformationThere are various ways to get information about Rizon. WikiThe Rizon Wiki provides a wealth of information for understanding various services Rizon provides, as well as guides for troubleshooting many common issues. Tickets SystemIf you are having a specific issue that only a staff member can handle, then submit a ticket to the Rizon Tickets system. Help ChannelsIf you require help with something and would like to chat in realtime with other members and staff, /join #help. If it is an issue that only a staff member can resolve, you can /join #services. ForumsThe Rizon Forums are a location to discuss issues with other members of the network as well as staff.
  28. Ive been watching closely and have notice that less and less chat has been going on with webchat server's compared to IRC server's & Espicially developement server's such as Freenode. Webchat its mainly like Buzzen the 40s_2 continues to chat & SPCN the Lobby , but other then those chatrooms not much happening compared to previous year's. I sit a lot on Freenode and have made more & more multiconn for IRC as i have taken away a lot of webchat connections with exceptions to Buzzen & SPCN other than those 2 i dont bother much with webchat. You can find me on Freenode & Koach.com & chainscriptz Dont get me wrong webchat is good but now there are too many opening and there's too much options. 2 Major web chat servers are still Buzzen & SPCN others will have maybe a few chatters but these 2 will be the major webchats server's!!
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