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Custom DCX WebChat addon

NOTE: This snippet was built in mIRC 7.22 and using a dev build of dcx.dll, in order to use it in older mirc prior to 7 you will have to swap the dcx.dll out for the Current Supported Release of DCX. You can find a copy here: http://dcx.scriptsdb.org/ along with support and other info about DCX.



- Fonts Colors and Font Styles Formatted to show in webchat

- mIRC Color Codes converted to html.

- Custom Que

- Emotes

- YouTube Videos play in chat

- ShoutCast Listen.pls urls play in chat

- Background color changer

- Multi Server support

- Clickable Channel links

- Clickable Links

- Clickable email links

- Clean Formatted Theme

Be sure to read the readme.txt

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this is very awesome, but one thing, the private messages not showing, i mean, my messages are not apperaring in the private window... and a bug, i dont know why but when i push ESC the webchat module goes fullscreen and cannot reset its own position to normal.

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