Swear Protection 1.0.0

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About This File

Well.. this one is... well it is. it's just another one of those swear protections. So why should you use mine, instead of someone elses ? 'cause mine rules :D
Ok, now $me being serious and stuff... This is one neet swear protection that uses hash tables. Now, that means nothing to you, 'cause you're just a user, and all you want is for a addon to work. Now, like I said, it uses hash tables, meaning that it's soooo fast. 
Beside it's main purpose, it also has "built in" identd scanner. (ok, what is identd.. for example, when someone joins a channel, you se something like this :
[01:24] JOIN * #Scripters ch1zra *!*drk0sh@*.A0F6087E.49476009.IP
or anything simmilar.. nevermind.. you see the word "drk0sh" ? that is identd) And if enabled, when someone with bad word in his/her identd joins a channel, you will kban him/her. No more, no less.

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