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About This File

Χ Screenshot
This command takes a simple screenshot of your computer and
saves it to your computer.
//echo -a $dll(path\nScreenShot.dll,Screenshot,c:\mirc\screenshot.jpg)

Χ Convert
This function converts an image from one file to another.
//echo -a $dll(path\nScreenShot.dll,Screenshot,c:\mirc\screenshot.jpg?c:\mirc\screenshot.png)

The return values will either be S_OK or E_* where * is
descriptive of the error.

Supported formats, the R column is read, and the W column is write:

RW Extention
xx .tiff
xx .jpg
xx .bmp
xx .png
xx .tga
x- .wbmp
x- .pbm
x- .ppm
x- .pgm
x- .pcx
x- .ico
x- .mng
x- .psd
x- .jng
x- .koa
x- .pcd
x- .ras
x- .cut
x- .iff
x- .lbm

NOTE: alternate extentions work as well.. like jpeg and jpg.
.pbm .ppm .pgm and .wbmp are supported by the lib to

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