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  multixconnect.mrc 1.0.0

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This addon has a few main advantages that other 
 multiserver addons lacks -

  * mIRC's events. 
     You can still use ON JOIN, ON TEXT etc etc.  

  * mIRC's standard identifiers.
     You can still use $nick(), $chan() $ial() etc etc.
  * mIRC's built-in DCC Chat/Send.
     Always better/faster than scripted DCC Chat/Send.

  * mIRC's ignore system.

  * mIRC's logging system.
  * mIRC's nicklist colorer.

  * Small filesize.

  This addon features also a easy-to-configure 
  lag-checker and anti-idle. Note that those two features 
  are made without using timers. Great, eh? ?

  Ofcourse, there are some down-sides. You must learn some 
  new identifiers and aliases. But don't get afraid, it 
  isn't much and everything is covered in this file and in 
  the example script (example.mrc).

  One last tip, if you try this addon for the first time, 
  try it on clean copy of mIRC. 

  multixconnect.mrc won't work very well on it's own. it 
  needs example.mrc or some other script thats supports mxc.


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