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Skype Gateway Bot 2.0

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Mirror messages from IRC channel to Skype chatroom and vice versa
* Support regular messages, emotes (`/em`) and Skype message edits
* Only from IRC side
   * In chat, trigger mirroring transparently by adressing the bot with `ON` or `OFF`
   * Direct messages to bot
      * Turn mirroring to Skype `ON` or `OFF` for the user, get user's present `STATUS`
      * Query for Skype users mirrored to IRC channel using `INFO #channel`

**This bot deliberately prefers IRC to Skype!**


On Ubuntu/Debian you need `python-irclib` and `python-skype` as well as Skype itself to run the script.

For `python-skype` I used the version provided at `ppa:skype-wrapper/ppa`.

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