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    So Im going to Rant about people and chat server's
    I've been hearing a lot of complaint pertaing to Buzzen staff and how there running it. I can remember a time when buzzen was always being flooded or being attacked. there were so many issues when Buzzen first opened and how things gradually changed over the times. There was a point in my life where i did care about the chat servers and how they were being controlled by staff and after awhile i also became staff and saw things and saw ppl being fired due to just being control freaks and banning people for stupid shit. then came the huge move where err0r,Eyecu,Fiesty,me became dedicated to the server and started working and bringing in new staff with err0r developing new clinets for us and constructing the server with eyecu to be more secure and less flooding. Also danger was a help in finding loop holes and assisting. it was great and the server became more and more popular. But then Duke realized he could sell his chat network to others and with the help of err0r bring in new servers. so as you can see Buzzen has a huge history with scripters. So now this brings me to the question is Buzzen mistreating some chatters or are theses chatters finally getting what they deserve. Ive know Eyecu for quite some years and I know that no matter what people say I believe not any woman would come between him and his knowledge of what is right and what is wrong. Now if its another staff member well thats a different story and im sure if its brought to head staffs attention it will be looked into and then dealt with in the proper manner!!
    This is my opinion only.
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    Here you'll find IT related howtos, code snippets, random rants, and probably horribly outdated information, written by a guy born in 1964 who likes IT&tech stuff, Scripting, Chat Servers, and Music you can bang your head to, and Dogs. Enjoy your stay!

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