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  1. “Microsoft Monday" is a weekly column that focuses on all things Microsoft. This week, Microsoft Monday includes details about an update about the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, new features coming to Windows 10, the return of Bitcoin payment support and much more! Microsoft Is Testing An Improved Quiet Hours Feature In Windows 10 According to eWeek, Microsoft is now testing a feature that is similar to Do Not Disturb on mobile devices. The already existing Quiet Hours feature silences notifications currently just supports on or off. But in the preview build 17074, there is an improvement in the Quiet Hours feature. In Windows 10 Insider preview build 17074, there is a setting that automatically enables Quiet Hours when users mirror a display. This feature is especially useful for users that are giving a presentation in front of a group of colleagues. And the Quiet Hours feature will automatically be enabled if a full-screen DirectX game is running to prevent gaming sessions from being interrupted. Users can also designate a schedule for Quiet Hours. And Cortana can be used to turn the Quiet Hours feature on or off when the user arrives at home. The Windows 10 Insider preview build also contains several Microsoft Edge improvements as well as a redesigned Hub interface. The Hub pane highlights your reading list, bookmarks, history, downloads and e-books. And Edge can automatically fill out credit card information since it can store the information (except for the CVV number for security purposes). Updates About The Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation At the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, Microsoft Co-Founder and Technology Advisor Bill Gates gave a candid interview about his philanthropic initiatives with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has invested billions of dollars in vaccinations to cure deadly diseases around the world like malaria and HIV. Investments made by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation helped cut child mortality rates and prevented people living in poverty from dying out of hunger. According to Business Insider, Gates said that his investments in philanthropy tend to be based on “low-hanging fruit” that few others have addressed. "If you're smart," said Gates in a discussion with moderator Dr. Sanjay Gupta about how he finds potential philanthropic investments via Business Insider. “You find the thing that is risky and hopefully before you do a phase I or phase II test.” One of the biggest examples for this is malaria. Gates told Dr. Gupta that the current process for finding malaria treatments is by conducting in-house human challenge trials. People volunteer to take a pill for alleviating malaria and then allow themselves to get bitten by an infected mosquito. "If we can get the latest tools involved we can have a good chance at success,"  Gates pointed out via Business Insider. To handle malaria around the world, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is working with the PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative and the Medicines for Malaria Venture. And the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has also invested in several companies that are focused on eradicating malaria and other diseases that are prevalent in developing companies such as CureVac and Moderna. The good news is that malaria death rates in Africa have dropped by 57% since 2000. Gates said that this was “one of the greatest success stories in the history of global health.” In the keynote, Gates also said that he is confident the world will develop cancer therapies that can “control all infectious diseases.” Gates pointed out that this would be a “huge victory for humanity.” Immunocore, a company that developed technology which can stimulate the immune system of a patient, is an example of a company focused on this initiative that received funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Immunocore’s technology utilizes the immune cells within the bodies of every patient (known as T-cells). The T-cells are essentially reprogrammed and personalized to fight cancer within each patient. “Initially, Immunocore's 'T-cell receptor' technology targeted cancers, but it could also be applied against infectious diseases,” added Gates via Business Insider. In related news, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is paying off a $76 million loan that Nigeria borrowed from Japan to help fight against polio. Nigeria took the loan in 2014 and the repayments were due to begin this year. A spokesperson with the Gates Foundation confirmed the arrangement to Quartz. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation said it agreed to repay the loan after Nigeria met the condition of achieving over 80% vaccination coverage in at least one round each year in high risk areas across 80% of local government areas. The loan will be repaid over a period of 20 years. Fortunately, there were no new polio cases recorded in 2017. Back in 2012, Nigeria accounted for over half of all polio cases worldwide. Microsoft Rolls Out Xbox One Update For Insiders With A Do Not Disturb Mode And Several Other Features Microsoft has released an update for Xbox One testers that has several new exciting features. For example, there is an option that allows users to mute notifications while they are playing a game or watching TV shows/movies (known as Do Not Disturb mode) — which will also show an away status so your friends will know you are not available for messages or party chat invites. Plus Microsoft is adding mini-game hubs to the Xbox One dashboard. This makes it easier to access content within a game, see who else is currently playing and check out achievements. There is also a "next achievements" feature that shows an organized list of upcoming achievements. And Microsoft added display customization options. You can make the dashboard white during the day and darker in the evening. And there are new automatic shutdown options that can be expanded to have consoles automatically turned off after two, three, four and five hours instead of only one or six. Currently, these features will show up for alpha ring testers first and it should be rolled out to all console owners after that. And additional experimental features are being provided to a group of testers. Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Becomes Fastest Windows 10 Version To Hit 100 Million Devices Last week, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (version 1709) was the fastest Windows 10 version to hit 100 million devices. The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is the fourth update to Windows 10 after the November Update, Anniversary Update and the Creators Update. Microsoft plans to release two major versions of Windows 10 per year as of right now. It’s also worth pointing out that the Fall Creators Update is “fully available for all compatible devices running Windows 10 worldwide.” The Fall Creators Update had launched on October 17, but it took about three months of testing and bug fixing to ensure it works well on compatible devices. “When a new feature update is released, we begin by targeting a select set of devices that we believe will have the best update experience based on device characteristics and testing done by us and our device partners,” said Microsoft’s Director of Program Management of the Windows Servicing and Delivery in the blog post. “We then monitor feedback for issues around application and device compatibility and make adjustments along the way, if necessary.  Actively listening for and responding to issues as they emerge helps us confidently expand the release to additional devices while maintaining a quality experience.” Later this week, devices with Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise editions installed are expected to be automatically updated to the Fall Creators Update via Windows Update as well.
  2. err0r

    Drop in Numbers

    saying some users are no longer chatting and saying buzzen is closing soon are two totally different things. i really no longer chat on buzzen but it doesn't mean it's closing. we work hard to keep it going.
  3. err0r

    Drop in Numbers

    I guess if you don't have facts you just make up stuff. I expected no different from you. I don't have to put you down as you call it. I've simply stated facts none of which you are able to dispute outside of lies. I've talked to people too. After this thread got out i've heard a lot of interesting things about you and your character. None of which surprised me I must say.. And while I don't believe there are none better than I , I don't dispute I am good at what i do and I stand by my reputation and my accomplishments. Glad I could get some people to your server seeing as you couldn't without me :P Maybe if you listened to more of my ideas you would have some success.
  4. err0r

    Drop in Numbers

    Nothing really to debate it's up to the chatters and coders where they want to be! If it's not open to debate why are you doing it? If it's about where the chatters want to be they are on Buzzen so why hate on them? Obviously they are doing something right. Quote: (Some facts. MSN did not fail. It chose to close to focus on MSN Messenger ( look it up ). They claimed it was to protect the children. Either way that is a choice not a failure.) I was talking about Phreik and not MSN. You were talking about Phreik when you said Buzzen based their business model on a failed project ( lol really ) Buzzen based nothing they did off of Phreik. Quote: I think the 50 dollar donation is too high for what you get in return but i'm a developer not the owner. It may have once been valid when the network was much larger but i would like to see that drastically reduced. Free chat and building mmm ...Good point on your behalf Error ( drastically reduced ) I believe if you cant sustain a site your self don't be there..I have seen it before begging and demanding money for services and they die quickly. It's nice you believe that but sadly that isn't how business works my friend. Your network maybe a hobby to you but for jay it's a business. And no where does he beg or demand money. If you want to donate fine.. If you don't fine. You never have to spend a dime to chat on Buzzen. As for you staying free i'm all for that. But who are you to tell another business that they shouldn't. You don't like any opinions toward you good or bad but you love throwing your inexperienced ones out. Lol Buzzen didn't die quickly did it? Thousands of businesses online are thriving. It's a simple idea. Offer a service. If there is some money involved people will either pay it or they won't. If they do how is that failing. I'm all for anyone that wants to create something. If they choose to make money in the process I won't hate on them. Not like I see any of those donations come to me for all the work I do for Buzzen. I started working on Buzzen for free and never asked for a dime. I do it because i love my work, i like helping people, and i'm good at it. I defend Buzzen because I know what it takes to run it. I know how hard people work for the users of Buzzen. And when people voice their opinions based on nothing more than hate and ignorance I will step up and say something. Quote: (Buzzen is not looking for ircd junkies. They will never like the ircwx setup and how it "limits" them. I actually prefer it because anyone can use unreal, but you have to get creative when you are limited. That's the fun part for me.) Don't use or will use IRCD and don't believe in limiting chatters. Good room coders bring chatters like trivia rooms etc. Well scripters and coders we are re coding all the well loved games and codes for IRC and your all very welcome. Coders were the heart of chat even in MSN days. Surprises me coming from the owner of a scripting site! It only surprises you because you again don't understand business. Buzzen is geared towards a certain consumer. A target audience that vastly outnumbers the irc geeks like you and I. Again it's business and you don't seem to grasp the concept. Success is business is finding your own market to cater to. MSN after 3.0 didn't care about scripters. In fact every ircd guru I ever talked to ( and that's been alot ) hated MSN chat server and always referred to the people that scripted on them as script kiddies. No different than on Buzzen. Buzzen's market is to the n00b chatter that only cares about chatting. Not scripting, not modes, not flooders, etc. Why is it so difficult to understand that. Just because Buzzen is geared to server a certain group that doesn't mean other groups aren't welcome. At any point duke can cut off 3rd Party chat clients like mIRC. He chose to allow them if they want to participate but his Business model isn't scripters either. Games. All the games are available for Buzzen. I have a website full of them all ready there for use. Games are nothing new. I loved scripting and as i pointed out i miss the old days of the community we had. I've had a scripting room on Buzzen for years but the number of scripters are dying as a whole in the community. Most would rather make a flooder than a trivia bot. I could go to other networks if i wanted to script. Scripting for me these days is not so much fun. I've built everything this is to build. There is nothing about it that excites me anymore. I would rather work on websites. I am the owner of a scripting site because I like to help people. Not because I think every chat network is full of scripters. Buzzen isn't the same as Koach. Koach isn't the same as Sparkpea. There is room for all. At least you would think so. But it seems a few haters think there is only room for everyone but Buzzen. It would be laughable if it weren't so hypocritical. By the way i've been helping people for FREE for 15 years! I don't believe in tunnel vision, I have an open mind to all chatters that may still have an interest in chat and keep it alive as long as we can. I already have some old coders joined the site and having allot of fun with re coding. Simply with color codes and limit incoming messages (color and fonts its that simple) As chain said we have the biggest selection of games that you can imagine. All free and will never ever charge. I'm happy for you. If that is the niche you intend to fill then by all means go for it. Just don't be a tard because someone else has a business plan where as you just have a hobby. As for tunnel vision you seem to believe your way is the only way.. What's that called again? You said to Chain : Why not shut the doors on your little network that isn't growing? and your disappointed in him. You were on my site for less than a minute and come up with a heap cosmetics that you think should be done. Only you have complained. I keep it simple for the chat only, not spray members pictures and names all over the front page of the site. The response to Chain was to highlight how ridiculous it was to claim Buzzen would be closing it's doors due to dwindling numbers. As a webdesigner I offered some suggestions on how you could improve you services. I stated that everything seemed to work fine and i was just expressing an opinion as someone who actually designs for a living. Again not a hobby. Keep it simple by all means if that's your preference. Ignore any advice that was only meant to help you. lol at heaps of cosmetics. I told you to aline a stream player. You can have simple but at at least aline it! Though maybe you don't know how. I've made all my points as clear as possible. You can try to twist things to fit your narrative but you are only making yourself look bad. Enjoy your hobby and best of luck.
  5. err0r

    Drop in Numbers

    Another hater? No surprise. Buzzen has more work put into it than any other site in this community and it's not even a close comparison. It's a one of a kind site. No 3rd party cms system with ircd. It took a lot of work to do it. You couldn't google how to do it. You couldn't buy it and just paste files over. The database, the site, the control panel, the webchat, the ircwx server were all built by 2 developers. Yet they get zero credit because a bunch of butt hurt people don't like the way some staff member treated them. BOO HOO. That can be said about any place. There is plenty of room for all networks to try to build something You can't even see how hypocritical you are. You give SPCN credit for building a new site and server after years of using the OCX but hate on Buzzen for doing that years ago. Why can't you just focus on your project and be happy with that? I would love to debate this with anyone that would dare to try and have a civilized conversation about it. I've been doing this a long time. I've helped on a lot of other networks even while working on Buzzen. I've worked with Koach, SPCN, Chatcore, Chainscriptz, and many others. My site tg007 is dedicated to helping other networks. ( By the way the haters told me tg007 would never last either ) I don't degrade other networks. I know the work that goes into them and I know the ones that are just thrown together from other's work. There is room for all but apparently some people think there is only room for who they think is worthy. If those people spent half the time on their own work instead of trying to bash another's they might get two things out of it. A great network and some respect. Buzzen isn't trying to be a pure 100% IRC network. Again you are missing the boat on what Buzzen is trying to be. Buzzen isn't trying to attract "coders". See below on the people buzzen is trying to attract. You are stuck in this ircd world. MSN chat evolved past their dependence on any sort of "coder" chatter. Your whole idea about what Buzzen is and wants to be is flawed. That's why you can't understand my points. You are thinking in ircd mode. Which is fine that is what you want to be. But you can't use that same logic on Buzzen. Buzzen isn't trying to be what 90% of the world is. It's trying to be something different. By the way if you think any of these communities are "growing" then you really don't understand what is going on. Try looking past your hate and actually seeing and speaking the truth. Some facts. MSN did not fail. It chose to close to focus on MSN Messenger ( look it up ). They claimed it was to protect the children. Either way that is a choice not a failure. Buzzen doesn't charge anyone anything to chat. You will not find a chat fee anywhere on buzzen. You are just spinning it to fit your own small narrative. It takes donations and uses ad revenue to pay the bills which i promise you are way more than you have to pay. Who are you to tell another person they have no right to recoup the costs of their business. You fail to even see why that is. You don't understand the target consumer base of buzzen. Buzzen isn't looking to attract scripters and ircd gurus. They have a webchat because the people Buzzen is meant to attract doesn't use mIRC. Doesn't have a clue about modes/access/etc. They simply want to chat and start a community. That requires a staff of people to help them with the tech stuff that they care nothing about. If you are on koach or chains or even your network you understand ircd. They don't need a dedicated staff of people to walk them through tech issues. That is why they aren't leaving Buzzen for ircd chats and never will unless you find a way to make it less about IRC and more about simple chat. Buzzen owners did base it off a previous business model that WORKED. MSN was massively popular. Tell me you could have Thousands of users and couldn't find a way to make your business successful i would call you a liar. Sidenote: I think the 50 dollar donation is too high for what you get in return but i'm a developer not the owner. It may have once been valid when the network was much larger but i would like to see that drastically reduced. However it's not my money so I can only give an opinion on it. I am not blind to Buzzen's mistakes or shortcomings but i'm also not blind to what they achieved. Just because you may or may not like the politics behind some of Buzzen's actions doesn't mean you should disrespect the amount of work that goes into it. MSN has the one thing that you nor i nor anyone else has a chance of getting. Massive exposure. It's damn hard getting new users. We are all basically pulling users from the same small pool. Could be why all the animosity. Getting your network out to the people interested is close to impossible now. We have all lived for years on the users from the MSN fallout. There are still some new ones coming in but it's a small number. Who are chat networks like Buzzen looking for and who are the likely to get. Buzzen is not looking for mIRC Scripters. That group usually causes more trouble than they are worth. They spend their time aggravating the real target user group. ( Bit sad for me because i enjoy mIRC and the community we once had ) Buzzen is not looking for ircd junkies. They will never like the ircwx setup and how it "limits" them. I actually prefer it because anyone can use unreal, but you have to get creative when you are limited. That's the fun part for me. Young people. Young people as a whole aren't really into chat networks like buzzen and only into ircd if they are a bit geekish or nerdish.. Technology has killed the attention span of the youth and paying attention to chat for any extended period of time isn't going to go well with them. 20-30 Mainly looking for dating chat if they are chatting in a classic chat network. Buzzen isn't big enough or set up to be a dating site so will never keep most of that group ( though i have a great idea on how to change that but don't know if i will achieve it on buzzen ) Most of the chat holdons from the MSN days are older. Life has pulled them away for various reasons. The MSN user pool is almost dried up. Buzzen has no real niche of special groups. The Gor community seems to like Buzzen but it's not a very large group and it looks like they mostly fight about Gor rather than live the lifestyle. Being a network and trying to find users these days is problematic at best. Jay and I worked hard on Buzzen SEO and that has shown some progress. We actually get new users that found us through search when that rarely happened before. Buzzen still makes plenty of revenue to support it's costs so why people think they are soon "closing their doors" seems like more of their hopes than reality. Networks that people are "praising" with 100 users aren't getting talked about in this manner. So why would you say that about a network that has 6 times that? Because it's not about facts. It's about hate. I know i'm wasting my breath here as i normally do. And I happily challenge anyone to dispute my point of view. I could be wrong and i'm willing to listen if it's about more than just being butt hurt. Show me where they are moving to? Show some actual facts. Koach: Current local users: 20 Max: 34 Current global users: 137 Max: 170 Chatzinc Current local users: 32 Max: 1163 Current global users: 32 Max: 1165 ChainScriptz Current Local Users: 7 Max: 14 Current Global Users: 40 Max: 56 Oasiz Current Users 62 SPCN Current Users 70 (estimated) Buzzen Current Users 597 Essential Chat Current Users 15 (estimated) Of course you know there are lots of duplicates, bots, etc for most of those. Show me the "growth" I'm at a point that even I don't really chat anymore. On any network including Buzzen. I prefer to work. I have a lot of other projects outside of Buzzen but the work I put in on Buzzen I'm proud of. I've spent years working on it and 99% of the things i've done for them the public will never even see, but trust me it's extensive. The list of things I've done for Buzzen is so long few of you would believe it. So it's personal to me. I know everything that goes on with Buzzen the good and the bad. Most of the bad I can do nothing about but when I see such bullshit as i've seen posted here i'm first a little disappointed with my friend chain that would make such a ridiculous claim and disappointed in a fellow webmaster for his lack of respect and knowledge of how chat networks operate.
  6. err0r

    Drop in Numbers

    Webchat is nothing more than a client to access IRC. No different than mibbet or lightIRC or really mIRC for that matter. If there was a webchat that looked like buzzen's and worked on ircd trust me it would blow mibbet and lightirc out of the water in use and every one reading this would be lining up to get it for their ircd setup. The difference is in the IRC server and it's functionality and options. I think a lot of people are too quick to talk about Buzzen. Buzzen server is created by net-bits and is one of a kind. It's not a cookie cutter service like ircd. It has one developer as far as the chat server. It has grown way past it's ircx roots as well. No one from Buzzen is leaving to go join basic ircd chat. While Buzzen numbers have continued to shrink i don't see any network in the community growing. Every network in the list of community networks is shrinking. Some have never gained much attention at all but they are still going. How come you aren't clamoring that they will shut their doors? Why not shut the doors on your little network that isn't growing? How about sparkpea or oasiz or koach? It's ok if you want to hate on Buzzen because of your experiences there but I find your comments unfair and misleading. Even if buzzen does close the ircwx project even now as i write this is preparing to release a major overhaul of it's cms/webchat with major updates coming down the line.
  7. err0r


    having unicode support will help you alot. after looking over the site/chat it's a decent setup. functionality is good. my only criticisms would be from the aesthetics standpoint. I completely understand looks are in the eye of the beholder and thus very subjective. These are only suggestions from my own personal point of view. Should try to make your website design "Responsive". I would suggest using bootstrap to make this easier. Create a channel list not inside the flash chat for better browsing, initial visits, and search engine results. Easy to do as seen here on chainscriptz @ http://www.chainscriptz.net/index.php?id=channels ( that includes a php function to showoff mirc color codes/font styles ) Make the emoticons backgrounds transparent to better support black/off white backgrounds Improve look of radio player in chat header ( mainly the position ) Use jquery or javascript where applicable for things like emoticons list in chat header. Overall improve search engine optimization SEO You seem to have the basic functionality working great. That is always the most important. The things I mentioned above are simply to improve the looks of the site and improve people finding and using your services. Overall well done!
  8. err0r

    New Website

    i like it. does that count?
  9. kewl look forward to it.
  10. Happy Birthday my friend, hope you have a good one.
  11. err0r

    Buzzen Scripting

    Shouldn't be that hard to fix moschino.. it still connects and joins rooms ( or at least it did for me ) it should only require a few mods.. since u use it what is it messing up on now?
  12. won't he still be french though?
  13. yeah i noticed chain has a lot of issues.
  14. didn't last long lol
  15. This is mine so far still a bit of a work in progress.
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