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  1. Just doing a drive-by.. the sites looking good as always bro!! :)
  2. Hey Chain bro! I have not forgotten about you guys!! My time has always been a little crazy and I think alot of it is I lost interest in scripting and chat! I am still lurking around even though I havent been on any chat servers for awhile but I continue to read up on stuff here and on Techgear!! Evolution Scriptz just went downhill with participation and alot of people had moved on to where theres just a hand full of us left anymore! I had saved everything off of my website and its just collecting dust on my hard drive lol!! Club Deejaying is where I have always felt was my destiny I guess and definitely no drama to deal with online which I had dealt with alot in the past!! None of my websites exist as I have turned to free sites like Mixcloud and Facebook pages to keep my name on the map!! You guys are always welcome to check out and like my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/djgandolfo and listen to my mixes uploaded on Mixcloud http://www.mixcloud.com/gandolfo any time 24 hours a day, its all available!! I respect all of you guys for keeping the sites alive but with the Invision Board stuff and the webhosting I had, it was merely throwing money down the drain for me so it didnt make sense to me especially when I had other stuff in my personal life going on and taking a new road or as some would see it, going back to my roots!! I wont be gone for good, you will see me around and I may just pop into chat here and there! :)
  3. d33j4y

    Off & On

    I for one do know a little about some of your health issues but aside from that fact, keep a positive attitude and spend time with the family as they are the most important!! Chat is Chat and thats not going to change!! Chat can also cause stress and nobody needs that lol!! Take a break if need be and check up on stuff as needed, you'll be fine!
  4. Hey chain, just thought I would pass this on to you for when you get around to doing updates! The following link shows you how to update the skin here with the code changes! It should be rather easy to understand and these will need to be done in when you update IPB to the latest version or anything above 3.4.1!!! The code changes will need to be done in order so 3.4.1 to 3.4.2, then 3.4.2 to 3.4.3 and etc etc..! I know you mentioned you wanted to do these updates yourself so this will help you out!! :) http://putzy.net/skin_changes/ The latest update for IP Downloads (2.5.3) has the ability to allow you to add up to 20 Featured Files and you will have to be on atleast IPB 3.4.3 with the skin changes as well for that to work!
  5. You can have the ones on Evo Resource! Im no longer going to provide a file hosting service on the site! What I can do is upload all of the scripts to a folder for you on the server so you can grab them and add what you want bro!! :)
  6. This again is not parsing the bbcode correctly!?! Will have to take a look at that or may need to update to latest ipb version to fix this issue..
  7. d33j4y

    Rogu3 Chat

    Now for some reason I cant send messages in the room due to nickname conflicts! I was signed in through the site there before I entered a room!
  8. d33j4y

    Rogu3 Chat

    The website wasnt loading yesterday but its working fine today, I was able to create an account and was also in the lightirc chat
  9. d33j4y

    Rogu3 Chat

    Rogu3 closed the server
  10. d33j4y

    Rogu3 Chat

    Looks good but drop the phpbb3!
  11. Right from the Horse's mouth, nice lol!!! Its no secret that they serve crap right from the Horse's ass lmfao.. :)
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