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  1. Multi-Conn

    Redoing icons then tree\bar then status bar
  2. Providing painting and drawing with natural media brushes, TwistedBrush Paint Studio makes no compromises in offering the best of the TwistedBrush painting engine. Presented in an interface that's perfectly suited for creation of new art work using expressive brushes from thick wet oil paints and fluid watercolors to slick oil pastels and fine airbrushes and everything in between. Over 120 of the very best natural media brushes available anywhere in these general categories: Acrylics, Airbrushes, Basic Brushes, Blenders, Charcoals and Chalks, Crayons, Erasers, Markers, Masking Brushes, Oil Paints, Oil Styles, Palette Knives, Pastels, Pencils, Pens, Watercolors.
  3. Favorite old Buzzen Script

    I was looking through my data and saw some old Buzzen scriptz used when buzzen first came out. My old time Favorite I have to say was Avoider's script it was a blue script with clean basic connection to buzzen and was just a simple script to use. So what was your old favorite script on Buzzen?
  4. Giveaway of the day — AweEraser 3.0

    Once the private data falls into the wrong hands, the consequences would be unimaginable. AweEraser, the reliable data erasure software, can help you permanently erase private data before you resell, donate, give away, lend or abandon your computer or storage device, beyond the scope of data recovery. AweEraser provides flexible data erasure solutions to help you permanently erase data under different situations. It not only can shred files, but it also can erase hard drive, wipe free disk space and clean up internet privacy, etc. Here are the 4 main tools. - Erase Files - Erase Hard Drive - Erase Free Space - Clean Web Browsers AweEraser offers safe and effective data erasure solutions. It can 100% permanently erase the targeted data and make data recovery impossible. This data erasure software will not affect the service life of your device. You can get full data erasure report when the erasure is completed.
  5. Multi-Conn

    I will Be doing updates on the Multi-Conn Addons will be more creative iconsmore Networks added. It will be some time until its done as im not always on but I have been appearing quite a lot lately. So lets cross fingers and get this done!!
  6. Enforce-bans

    This will kick all banned users slightly faster since it stores in var and then kick like: kick #channel nick,nick,nick,nick,nick, this is especially usefull when gettin rid of spambots Cappuccino. By simo on *:ban:#: { if ($regex($banmask,/^\*!\*@\S*irccloud/i)) { halt } if ($banmask == *!*@*) { halt } if ($banmask == *!@*) { halt } if ($banmask == !*@*) { halt } if ($banmask == !*@) { halt } var %ipro7 = 1, %affect while ($ialchan($banmask,$chan,%ipro7).nick) { %affect = $addtok(%affect,$v1,44) inc %ipro7 1 } if (%affect) { if ($regex($nick,/( $+ $me $+ )/i)) { if ($nick(#,$me,@%&~)) { var %m 8 | while (%affect) { kick $chan $gettok(%affect,1- %m,44) $nick has banned You ) ( Banmask: $banmask matches You --- ( $+ $calc(%ipro7 - 1) users where effected $+ ) | %affect = $deltok(%affect,1- %m,44) } } } } }
  7. Proxy Checker

    Version 1.0.0


    Info: This module let you check on for the given IP parameter if it is proxy or not and any results will be found will output into the channel or the user with private notice depending in the command that you enter, you can also change the settings from this module from the Menubar or via /wxc_sets command. Installation: This module is an part of WESTOR Module Manager that you must download and install it in order to work this module because the manager contains some require codes, if you already have the manager then just copy/paste the code into a new file and load it or paste it into an new file into the Script Editor in Remotes tab, also if you want you can download and install this module it directly from the manager with 1 click instead to do all the before steps, it is recommended to download the latest version from
  8. TUSHAT Network

    Went around looking and see there's a new chat server called TUSHAT seems to be a spanish network. so I'm going to say welcome to the chat world TUSHAT!!
  9. ChainScriptz official Script

    Here at ChainScriptz our official script is Multi-Conn. Very Friendly user and easy to acess any server. also you can add servers to the script.
  10. Internet Relay Chat (IRC) has lost 60 percent of its users, going from 1 million in 2003 to about 400,000 today. And IRC channels? In 2003 there were 500,000; now there is half that number. This is due in large part to the advent of the Web, social media, and tools that can do a lot more than plain text can do. IRC Is Not DeadBut is it dead as Royal Pingdom declared last week? I hear about IRC all the time in the geek world. I asked on Twitter and Facebook if people use it and, sure enough, the open-source and developer crowd shot right back that it is still their chat world of choice. Geeks from Chartio, Basho, Canonical, Citrix and active members in OpenStack and Cloudstack all said they use IRC. Canonical’s Alan Pope: But IRC is not all that it used to be, morphing into services such as Campfire. Hello, RobotThen Redmonk Analyst Donnie Berkholz pinged me about Chatbot, a GitHub chat project ruled by Hubot, which the GitHub ops team developed. Campfire is the defacto communications tool for the ops team. Hubot is a bot that sits in the middle, showing the team what has happened instead of telling them. Hubot is open source, written in CoffeeScript on Node.js. It is a standardized way to share scripts between everyone’s robots. At GitHub the team uses Hubot to connect its various tools that the team has written over JSON APIs. It also connects to external APIs. According to the Hubot web page: Chatbot is of particular use considering the way people work. A GitHub DevOps team may have members in Hawaii or Portland all working on the same project. Log into Campfire and a team member can see the new roll outs to the infrastructure. They can check the status of the branch’s last build. They can see how a GitHub app is performing. Chatbot allows for Hubot to become part of the conversation in Campfire. If you do work in a shell or a website, you have to tell people what you have done. In Chatbot, Hubot does that for you. Campfire is effective because it can show images and do things you just can’t do in the plain-text world of IRC. But all of IRC’s roots lie in this modern form of automation. Berkholz said this to me in an email interview: So IRC is not really dead at all. It’s just turning into a robot — like everything else.
  11. Slack vs IRC

    When comparing Slack vs IRC, the Slant community recommends Slack for most people. In the question“What is the best team chat software?” Slack is ranked 1st while IRC is ranked 12th. The most important reason people chose Slack is: Slack integrates with tools like Trello, GitHub, Dropbox, Mailchimp, and dozens of others, so you can have a centralized event feed of your project right alongside your chat. This is tremendously useful for keeping context with your discussions.
  12. What are the best IRC clients for Windows?

    The Pro's & Con's
  13. Whats Happening

    Buzzen has been slipping into a down spin. Whats happening to chat server's like Buzzen whats being done to keep this network a float? Scripter's are no longer much on chat networks why? let me hear your input on whats going on with Buzzen!!
  14. Internet Relay Chat (IRC) was born in 1988 to help people message each over over the pre-web internet. While many other programs have become more popular since then, such as Whatsapp, Google Allo, and Slack, IRC lives on primarily in developer communities. Now, IRC developers are updating the venerable protocol to revitalize it for the 21st century. IRC, the grandfather of online chat systems, is trying to make a comeback with a new, unified version. The new IRC, IRCv3, includes several new features: Standardized account login using Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL). This speeds up user registration and authentication. SASL is a framework for providing authentication and data security services in connection-oriented protocols. As such, it's ideal for IRC.Expanded user account information. On IRC, users can log in using several different clients and via many servers. This function provides additional data so users can be more easily identified and makes it easier to jump from IRC public channel messages to private messages and back again.Optional message metadata. This will make it easier to add tags to messages.Instant away notifications. This enables users to know when other users go away or come back more quickly.Show message received times. Since IRC works over networks of peer-to-peer (P2P) servers it was often difficult to see when someone actually received a message. This will give users message delivery times that are accurate to within a millisecond.Grouping related messages. This introduces a new IRC "batch" client capability. It will make it easier to track message threads across an IRC channel.Many of these features have already been present in some IRC clients. The IRCv3 Working Group is a group of IRC client and server programmers working to enhance, maintain, and perhaps most important of all, standardize the IRC protocol. Even with all these changes, the new IRC looks a lot like the old IRC. No matter what IRC client you us, for example, mIRC, WeeChat, Pidgin, or if you connect to IRC servers via a web gateway, IRC remains a short -- one line -- series of text driven online communities. Doesn't sound practical? Tell Twitter that. It's where they got the idea that 140 characters was enough. Unlike Google Hangouts or Skype, IRC doesn't include video or Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP). It also doesn't automatically delete messages after they've been received like Snapchat. On the other hand, IRC is still very handy. As Adobe pointed out recently with email, just because a technology is old, doesn't mean it's not useful.
  15. mIRC v7.52

    Changes: 1.Changed website/forums to use HTTPS/SSL connections. 2.Changed HTTP requests, such as the update check, to use HTTPS/SSL. Older versions of mIRC do not support this, so continue to use non-SSL connections. 3.Added support for IRCv3 sts secure connection feature that directs clients to switch from a non-SSL to an SSL port when connecting to a server. Sts port and duration settings are saved in servers.ini file. 4.Added /server -u switch that makes the server connection ignore IRCv3 sts directives. 5.Fixed SSL connect behaviour that prevented a retry connect attempt for non-critical SSL errors. 6.Extended $file() to include .path, .name, and .ext properties. 7.Updated code signing certificate. 8.Advance notification: the next version of mIRC will change the default SSL dialog setting from "Display invalid certificates for approval" to "Skip connections with invalid certificates". This means that, by default, mIRC will not connect to SSL servers that use invalid, self-signed certificates, such as on EFnet, DALnet, and LinkNet. 9.Fixed $chan().ibl/iel/iil/iql $inmode status not being reset when server returns numeric 482. 10.Added support for IRCv3 batch feature, however, as allowed by the spec, mIRC does not delay processing of batched lines. 11.Fixed online timer bug that caused mIRC to freeze once a minute the more connected status windows were open. 12.Extended Window menu status window items to include user mode. 13.Fixed /editbox -bNeN selection not being set if the text length resulted in auto-resizing of the multiline editbox. 14.Extended ^K color support for indexes 16 to 98. 15.Fixed $cb(N,u) not returning UTF-8 encoded text. 16.Updated libraries to OpenSSL 1.0.2n. 17.Fixed $window().tbtext not returning text for hidden windows. 18.Fixed font dialog not displaying sample text correctly for certain fonts. 19.Changed $sfile()/$msfile() to return $null for special folders such as the fonts folder and to set $sfstate that returns "cancel" for cancelled dialogs and "error" for errors. 20.Added "Hide away reminders" option to IRC/Options dialog that hides repeat away messages in active query windows for ten minutes. 21.Fixed /timer -h bug that prevented a subsequent /timer -h request from using the multimedia timer. 22.Changed script editor file monitor to ignore daylight savings offset and to check file size changes. 23.Fixed window focus not being set correctly in some contexts when mIRC is made the active application. 24.Changed CAP cap-notify support for NEW/DEL so that mIRC no longer disconnects/reconnects for most CAP features unless necessary. 25.Fixed $encode() bug that caused it to report "line too long" with binary variables and certain combinations of switches. 26.Updated to TagLib library latest fixes. 27.Fixed $encode()/$decode() with e/c switches not handling short/long keys correctly. 28.Extended nickname, highlight, display, marker, and styles dialogs to support color indexes 16 to 98. 29.Changed JOIN events to no longer restore/activate channel windows that already exist when rejoining after a kick/hop/reconnect. 30.Fixed user/level commands, such as /auser, causing gpf with long parameters. 31.Extended highlight dialog to show line color. 32.Changed mouse wheel scrolling to scroll by page if this option is enabled for your mouse in Windows. 33.Added /savebuf -p switch that strips control codes from saved lines. 34.Extended $width() to support $true/$false parameters. 35.Extended /hload and /hadd to support -mN which creates the table, with N slots, if it does not already exist. 36.Extended $cb() to support output to a %var|&binvar as third parameter and to return length. If N == -1, stores entire clipboard. 37.Added /bwrite -c switch that chops file after appended bytes. 38.Extended /window -M -tN to allow N = 0 which enables leading text to be hidden. 39.Fixed $hotlink(match) bug that did not store nicknames correctly in some contexts. 40.Added $timer(N).name property that treats N parameter as timer name and returns position. 41.Added /debug -rNoN switch that sets the received and outgoing line colors. 42.Changed server dialog to update the connection details of any open status windows if you edit a matching server item. 43.Added $fromeditbox identifier that returns $true/$false if command or identifier called directly from an editbox. 44.Changed $encode()/$decode() with e/c switches to allow $null parameters. 45.Changed /debug colors to support the color 99 to use the default color. 46.Added $parms identifier that returns an untokenized $1- for events and other command/identifier calls. 47.Extended /splay to enable pause, seek, and resume with wave and midi files. 48.Added /fupdate [N] command that sets the display update rate when outputting text to windows. 49.Fixed MDI window maximize bug that caused a second copy of mIRC to not have a maximized window on startup. 50.Fixed $msfile() gpf when too many files are selected. 51.Fixed regular expression bug relating to \K escape sequence. 52.Added /ignore support for highlight, speech, and tips. 53.Fixed beep on message option not beeping on an incoming message that matched a highlight item. It now beeps as usual if the highlight item does not specify a sound. 54.Changed Switchbar/Treebar "blink icons" feature so that it is now controlled by the global flash setting and individual window flash setting. It can still be fully disabled in the Display dialog. 55.Fixed /window -t <name> T1 T2 ... Tn bug that caused it to not update the display immediately. 56.Fixed UDP server sockets being closed due to WSAECONNRESET error. 57.Fixed $com() not freeing returned dispatch pointers if they were not being saved for later use. 58.Changed CTCP handling to correctly display empty ACTIONs/SOUNDs and empty CTCPs. Also, all CTCPs in DCC Chats are now displayed as CTCPs for consistency, not just ACTIONs/SOUNDs. 59.Fixed List Channels dialog file not being set correctly after connecting to a different network. 60.Fixed scripts dialog using an invalid folder for new files if a user has deleted the folder outside of mIRC. 61.Fixed regex support for UTF-8 parsing and handling (*UTF8) prefix. 62.Added /flash -c switch to clear flash status of all windows. 63.Optimized switchbar in certain contexts when many windows are being displayed. 64.Added set/var -p switch to treat value as literal text, including quotes and spaces. 65.Added /savebuf -n switch to treat wrapped lines as single line. 66.Changed /join -i so that it will work in an event. 67.Added /join -md switches to set mdi/desktop for new windows. 68.Added /query -mdx switches to set mdi/desktop for new windows and to maximize a window. 69.Changed /raw to support @msgtag prefixes internally when parsing commands. 70.Changed "Split long channel/query messages" option to handle @msgtag prefixes.