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  1. Spiderscript V3 by Chain

    Spiderscript V3 by Chain View File I'm hoping this Is an untouched, compressed version of the original Spiderscript. Submitter Dodge Submitted 09/21/2018 Category Buzzen Archives  
  2. Version 3.0.0


    I'm hoping this Is an untouched, compressed version of the original Spiderscript.
  3. Buzzen Chat Profiles

    OH Profile Reader lol, man, my eye and brain sight are going. I'll sort one, found It's best not to look most of the time.
  4. Buzzen Chat Profiles

    Heya Biggie, I made that hanging off the old nHTMLn_2.95.dll Bit rough but it works. dunno why the error in the url when I post It com/id/al/chatrooms.html) menu channel,status,menubar { - -•Custom WindowsBZN•- .RoomlistGn:/rlist - } alias rlist { window -p @RoomlistGn var %x = $dll(nHTMLn_2.95.dll,attach,$window(@RoomlistGn).hwnd) %x = $dll(nHTMLn_2.95.dll,margins,-2) %x = $dll(nHTMLn_2.95.dll,navigate, }
  5. New Website

  6. Control Panel

    This is interesting. I've been running it a while now.
  7. Moooooooooooooooookie, Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo are the soulfly corners going to stay?
  8. Joolo Opens

    I thought I'd go somewhere different last night. I didn't realize how different thought. Joolo was easy to get onto and create a nick. I Joined #joolo and realized there wasn't much english being spoken. I was happily and promptly greeted In english by SICILIAN whom explained to me that If I went through the front door via webchat I could use the mibbit translator and join In the conversation. So I did. Registration was easy and straight foward and only took a couple of seconds. Registration completed I was taken straight into #joolo. I flicked on the translator so I was speaking In Italian and reading everything In english. Wellllllllllllll I thought that was Absolutly Fantastico. there were 5 launguages all comunicating at the the same time. Spanish, Polish, Italian, French and English. I could be understood and I could understand what was being said. I'm Impressed and I can see this as a way of communicating with the rest of the world In the future. Highly Recomended and Well worth a look.
  9. Buzzen Gossip Page

    lol a centapost, sounds like the thing thats holding up my clothesline may as well make it an even 6cents... .. . So at $5 a beer <.Dodge> -calc 500 / 6 <'Voyager> ---> 83.333333 by christmas Chain should have enough to buy us all a sip of beer :bye
  10. Buzzen Gossip Page

    Unless you unban me from Ircommunity how der fark are you going to have any lewd gossip, Insinuations, Insults, Uncalled for remarks, dirty jokes, bad macros, filth or just plain chat drama to write about. Unsigned, The Masked Dodger P.S. der fark is german for der fark :wav