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  1. better than playing with yourself :p
  2. Notorious

    Buzzen DownTime

    yes they do , they have a great programmer that cares and all the other staff behind the scenes that keep it running !!!
  3. Notorious

    Hosting Company

    Is it going to be called GrandpasServers ?
  4. im going to load that on a old desktop I have looks good
  5. Yeh we have been having fun !!! People still talking about seeing deejays ass lmao
  7. Yes its a visichat - voice and video also
  8. Notorious

    WCN CHAT reopened

    wcn chat is reopened !!! come check us out !!! http://www.wcnchat.com
  9. Notorious

    DarkLordz Script

    WOW I know who wrote that originally lmao
  10. :laughingneq: It closed afterhours replacement failed No way it was gonna come back :laughingneq:
  11. http://obituaries.tylerpaper.com/obitua ... =150947274
  12. :cry Sad to say to everyone that spiffy from buzzen chat has passed away on May 8th , He will be missed he was a good friend since msn and I will miss him
  13. Notorious

    Chat Drama

    :kz In my opinion there wont be many left on there soon :mo
  14. :bann: lmao yeh I was trying to change my password weird shit oh well :why: :laughingneq:
  15. You have been blocked from entering this site. You have attempted a Scripting attack on this site. All of the following information has been gathered to assist the webmaster should this need to be reported to local or federal law enforcement. If you think this is a mistake you can contact the site webmaster at dabbaaa(at)gmail(dot)com. User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US) AppleWebKit/534.16 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/10.0.648.133 Safari/534.16 Remote Address: IP: none Forwarded For: none Date Blocked: 2011-03-12 @ 21:18:43 CST GMT -0600 Block expires: Permanent :dk DUNNO WHY IT BANNED ME :bee
  16. Notorious

    Chat Drama

    :bos I wish everyone the best of luck with their projects as i have some of my own too... But yet again in another room we had people go after each other again, and its fucking sad , it really is I will continue to stay out of the rooms that have the issue . I wish they would ignore each other but thats not gonna happen :laughingneq: Anyways my station is gearing up and the site is still being built when i have time and im not in competition with anyone and i wont spam my stations site all over and force it down peoples throats. :laughingneq: :wav And im still friends with everyone no matter what goes down :m :mo :te
  17. Notorious

    Chat Drama

    :tp Yes everyones doing their own thing , unfortunately as with me being friends with both parties , accusations came up and i decided to leave both of their rooms, I hope everyone continues on strong but in reality its just a chat room and a net radio station, Ive seen some really stupid emails going around blaming people when their server went down etc, which had nothing to do with the other people, unfortunately i have lost a few friends in this process but for my health im better off and out of this bullshit going on with some people being paranoid and calling in staff etc... Like its some big competition to see who has the most listeners etc, in reality 12 people tuning in out of a server that has 2000 + people is irrelevant to fight over and its really sad :no :cry :thanks:
  18. Notorious


    :wav Yaa my site is up finally and im squaring away the logistics but we are live 24/7 , still got a few to get totally done when i get the time , Http://www.reject-radio.com :m :thanks:
  19. Notorious

    Chat Drama

    I was so happy to see everyone getting along in Apache Radio then the team broke up and some went to start a new station, As i stay neutral in these things i was in both rooms and let me tell ya the bs that went on :laughingneq: he did this and she did that etc ... Well i cant take the drama , unfortunately i will not be staying in any of their rooms , no offense because i dont wanna be in the middle, I wish both of these net stations good luck and prosperiety :m :kz I cant take the shit so i left , ill be hiding in my other rooms :youu:
  20. [attachment=0]kenneth.jpg[/attachment]: Ive restarted my own radio station with a few friends , http://www.reject-radio.com :m we are licensed and we are going to support multiple chat networks with our station - Unlike others we will have unknown bands and singers that we will support as well as many call in talk shows. We are getting setup and will be broadcasting 24/7 ... I will continue to support my many friends at apache radio as this is not a competiton :mo SO stay tuned !!!! :bos :yay :wav :wav
  21. Notorious

    Buzzen Server

    :kz :te :te :te :te :bos

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