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  1. :bos YEH YEH LOL Some dont like competition but there is some ... STAY TUNED :te :te :te
  2. :cool: Im using rubix from paige in chainscriptz server it works good there and i can be in koach and a few other irc servers at the same time :yay
  3. :habs: :te Just a update we decided to change the name of the new room too: !!!Scripters-Lounge!!! in the computing section - Change Your bookmarks : :bos See ya there !!!!
  4. :bos :brg YEH we got old friends back together and no drama and ghosttown rooms like most script rooms on buzzen , :thanks: for mentioning it chain :cool:
  5. Notorious

    New Theme & Updates

    Looks good bro :tp :te

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