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  1. ViperBot

    Well I can now make a dll and It works up to a point. I connect in Bot mode but the raw data in Viper and the onJoin data from the server is incomplete. I need to get the server IPs correct in the following code. strServ1 = "", 6668 I need for "", 6668 to switch to 6667 to make the connection to the chat control My connection is hung here: Private Sub sck_serv1_DataArrival(ByVal bytesTotal As Long) Dim strServ1 As String sck_serv1.GetData strServ1, vbString If strServ1 Like ":* 613 * :*" Then ServerIp = Split(strServ1, " ")(3) ServerIp = Replace(ServerIp, ":", "") sck_serv1.Close End If '908 Select Case Split(strServ1, " ")(1) Case "702" MsgBox "The room may need to be created first (create room via normal webchat first, and use another account to connect with Viper)" 'RaiseEvent REventDisconnectVp sck_serv1.Close RaiseEvent REventCloseServ1 RaiseEvent REventConnectionState(0) End Select The split and replce lines have me confused. Can you help me??
  2. ViperBot

    Ya I posted it there also Chain. I just hope to get a little understanding of how to make or edit a dll. lol, from anyone thanks for the reply
  3. ViperBot

    ViperBot has remained on my computer since 2001. I was big into the VPC help forum for years and have had a help site of my own for years. My chat nick is, was and will always be »¤§£¥¤« and it goes to whatever site I chat with along with my Knightwing nick. Just curious if there is anyboy that can help me create a connection dll from a open source. As MSN was closing down Vipers connection became a open source as to allow users to connect to the different "MSN clones" by means of changing the ip. Well they have all closed and gone away with the exception of SPCN and Net4110 as they use the MSN chat control. I can connect to 4110 Chat and in Bot Mode (YAY!!!) but I have to fine tune the connection. My feeling is that with the current universal connection dll it could work but I have to get Viper to see as it is blind. The Control board is totally blind but I get raw data from both the connection window and the raw data of the CB. If any one knows how to create a dll and would help walk me through the steps as I have Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and a decompiler just have no clue as to what to do or make the saved changes I need to make. thanks
  4. NET4110 SERVER

    great site, been hanging over there for couple of days and even got ViperBot to connect in BotMode, not a easy task since the other sites all closed that Viper would connect to. Hopefully I can get some interest going and have people joining. The server seems quite stable and the site is nicely put together. Good job!!!
  5. kenobi

    Kenobi has always been my favorite script and took me forever to figure out how to make it work properly on spcn. I know that Ozzy doesn't want it to be used but it is just too nice a script to gather dust.
  6. my scripts

    scripts I use on spcn