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  1. Pk_

    The Chat Club

    New Site Update!
  2. Pk_

    Drop in Numbers

    You can put me down as much as you like. My hobby lol and people coming in tell me different. People are asking for a refund on paid rooms yes (an rejected). The estimate at this stage is up to 200 on the move. I'm looking real bad. We know there is no one as good as you Error just ask you. People are dropping in to see the site from all over, thank you for your effort on this thread.
  3. Pk_

    Drop in Numbers

    Quote: (Some facts. MSN did not fail. It chose to close to focus on MSN Messenger ( look it up ). They claimed it was to protect the children. Either way that is a choice not a failure.) I was talking about Phreik and not MSN. Quote: I think the 50 dollar donation is too high for what you get in return but i'm a developer not the owner. It may have once been valid when the network was much larger but i would like to see that drastically reduced. Free chat and building mmm ...Good point on your behalf Error ( drastically reduced ) I believe if you cant sustain a site your self don't be there..I have seen it before begging and demanding money for services and they die quickly. Quote: (Buzzen is not looking for ircd junkies. They will never like the ircwx setup and how it "limits" them. I actually prefer it because anyone can use unreal, but you have to get creative when you are limited. That's the fun part for me.) Don't use or will use IRCD and don't believe in limiting chatters. Good room coders bring chatters like trivia rooms etc. Well scripters and coders we are re coding all the well loved games and codes for IRC and your all very welcome. Coders were the heart of chat even in MSN days. Surprises me coming from the owner of a scripting site! I don't believe in tunnel vision, I have an open mind to all chatters that may still have an interest in chat and keep it alive as long as we can. I already have some old coders joined the site and having allot of fun with re coding. Simply with color codes and limit incoming messages (color and fonts its that simple) As chain said we have the biggest selection of games that you can imagine. All free and will never ever charge. You said to Chain : Why not shut the doors on your little network that isn't growing? and your disappointed in him. You were on my site for less than a minute and come up with a heap cosmetics that you think should be done. Only you have complained. I keep it simple for the chat only, not spray members pictures and names all over the front page of the site. Nothing really to debate it's up to the chatters and coders where they want to be!
  4. Pk_

    Drop in Numbers

    Hugging on to a sinking ship, treading water and still throwing stones. Talk about multi tasking. Quote: It has grown way past it's ircx roots as well. All Buzzen have done is make it complicated for coders. You can make and old msn %#chatroom on my server, try it in mirc. What you have failed to do is bring it to a pure IRC level that 90% use in the world. Koach's site from what I saw is growing and SPCN are working hard on a new site and server. Chains chat site has not differed in numbers for years so I don't know where your going there. As for Buzzens room fees and bot assistance in rooms, looks like your copying another failed chat site who have now gone. Your signature is false advertisement and there are allot of people on the move from Buzzen.
  5. Pk_


    Thank you Warrior its all coming together nicely. Error you were on the site for less than a minute and didn't even say hello. My priority's atm are the chat server and my own shout cast server for radio. completed! Working on my own media server for cams and voice so there is no third party involved. Other cosmetic picked on issues will be dealt with later.
  6. Pk_

    Modded Chat Server

    Thank you Chain. Sorry i missed you, time frame is a hassle when I'm at work and its your evening. The IRC client rule side is modified with an ircx background which makes it all possible. I will say this, the server is not for download atm and a normal OfficeIRC download wont give you these options. The download atm can give you unicode via IRCX side with 'nicks. The ' in front was annoying. People coming in on iRC saw encrypted type nicks in the chat room. I now have Irssi bots and others coming in with unicode nicks. I saw all the other sites like there unicode nicks but I wanted to get away from the connection scripts. Job done and very happy with the result.
  7. Pk_

    The Chat Club

    New Ircwx chat site.http://www.thechat.club Connect: port 7778 Free chat rooms. We have radio, gamers and general chat rooms. Get a free radio bot for your station in the chat room. On site radio players and DJ updates for all rooms. Contact us for more info at the address above.
  8. That is just WRONG Chain...Why do the authorities let sites like this exist????
  9. All the Best Eyecu, wishing you a wonderful day with your family and friends.
  10. Pk_

    What Facebook is up to now.

    I have added a full messenger App to my site. Does the same things with emotes as FB.(no Video its in chat) Nothing recorded and set your privacy in options.. Dont need a app for the site its built in, just login on your mobile to the site. Save to favs...
  11. Please check this video out before facebook delete it. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=353033028193040
  12. Pk_

    Explorer.exe virus

    Click the "Start" button from the pull-up menu click Run. Type Regedit Select the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" folder. A slew of other program files appears from this single file. Open the folder "Software" followed by "Microsoft," then "Windows," "CurrentVersion," "Run," "IEXPLORER"="%System," and select "iexplorer.exe." Press the "delete" button and you are asked if you are sure you want to remove the file. Click "OK." Open file "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" followed by "Software" and delete the folder "mmtest." Close out the registry editor and restart the computer.
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