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Found 9 results

  1. chain


    I hearing that Paige has been creating a lot of scripts for various Networks.keep it up sis and continue doing what you do Best.
  2. chain

    Valentino Decaroli

    Many of you know him as VxD the creator of mIRC VxD Scripts also known as Necronomicon 8 script hes been a great friend of mine for 4 years and we still continue to chat from time to time. he has his own youtube where he shows you how he created Necronomicon 8 https://www.youtube.com/user/eepromteam
  3. Android Mobil mIRC Chat Sohbet Scripti bir android uygulamasıdır bu uygulama sayesinde mobil cihazlarınızdan ve android işlemcili telefonlarınızdan irc chat sunucularına giriş yapabilirsiniz. İNDİRME SEÇENEKLERİ Sohbetli.Android.apk - Yandex Diskim - 741 KB: http://yadi.sk/d/OY_dXV7uBGgNS Sohbetli.Android.apk - Power Mirc den indir - 741 KB: http://powermirc.com/sohbetli.android... Sohbetli.Android.apk - Speedy.Sh - 741 KB: http://speedy.sh/EpMs9/Sohbetli.Andro... Sohbetli.Android.apk - Upload.Com.Tr - 741 KB: http://www.upload.com.tr/download/7IP... Sohbetli.Android.apk - Dosya.Co - 741 KB: http://dosya.co/1nba1py0lrb4/Sohbetli... Sohbetli.Android.apk - Upload.Gen.Tr - 741 KB: http://www.upload.gen.tr/d.php/www/db...
  4. chain

    Feras mIRC Scripts

    Youtube Tutrial How to install mIRC.exe 7.52 full version with Reg file First, download the program from the link below Or you can visit my website to downlaod the file then make sure that you have removed the old program from your computer Or its fine if you extract files into old folder on C: Or go Control Pannel, then look for the program and remove it then open C:\Program Files (x86) scroll down. folder Mirc files delet it in full Now duble click on download file And EXTRACT files on your desktop or anywhere you want desktop or C: or D: etc..... Now follow the explanation and method of installation and install Let's start Now switch off your internet connection then " Register with any name " ;) for info & support join us #we channel on dalnet /msg Feras http://ferasmircscripts.ml/ Download link : http://www.mediafire.com/file/z7zsd2x... https://www.youtube.com/embed/Yn0F_D_WG_Y
  5. chain


    ChainScriptz has opened a room on Spcn & is back to it's roots in the scripting Community. We also Have IRCommunity on Spcn server & it's a very busy room with a lot of mix scripter's from old to new. It's a fresh breath of air being in room where scripter's are actually creating connections and scripts. To me it's refreshing to go in and see people co-chatting with scripters and just having fun. I will have the feeder from ChainScriptz working soon and TG007 and Hawkee. Hope to see more scripters come on the server and actually script!!
  6. Ottimo script per chat utilizza il mirc V. 6.16 dove troviamo Un Toolsbar con Comandi, Auto-Join, Auto-ID, Away-System, Acromanager, Nick-Editor, Query-Editor, Saluti-Manager, File-Manager, Centro Comando Help, Traduttore,Protezioni veri, Antispam, Protezioni-Personali, Messaggi & Utility
  7. I have added Roo's connection called Jaeger too my IRC server script and works well and connects fast.
  8. I have worked on BackLash V3 for Spcn I had it in dangers room. still a few things to take out and then work in but it works great.
  9. chain

    Project Sparky

    I have tested the New script done by paige & Winz called Project Sparky. I tested it today and was such user friendly. The script itself is quite different never seen before, the script is sound!! Im looking forward to seeing this go IRC. Congrads to paige & Winz on a great scripting job.

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