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IRChainScriptz Now has WebCams.

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Good Day everyone,

  After alot of discussion and back and forth on the merits of a webcam option on IRChainScriptz, the Admins and Staff are pleased to announce that the webcam option has been added.  We are beta testing the addon now, and from the users end everything is working.  We as we get to understand the addon better and what best works for it we will update everyone on what settings etc to use.  To use the webcam connect to irchainscriptz via the webchat and you will see the option to select a camera/mic above the nicklist on the right side of the window.  We hope everyone enjoys the new feature and let a staff member know if you need help in any way.

Thank You


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:th_0v: well now you all have said your peace, I chain will go and get a laptop cam just to show you all my hairy ass lmao there!!

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