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The results of the Buzzen Satisfaction Survey...as promised it is completely public.

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I get a kick out of this survey and seeing it stil makes me laugh. For me it still proves shit all. But then again thats me :efb50fe2:

I dont get why Buzzen wants the video feature as I have seen it in many other chat servers and to be honest its not that great and people really dont use it. I think Buzzen should just continue making its chat server better in the protection area's and make the webchat more appealing with other features. bring a new look with features that user's are looking for. My rating for Buzzen have dropped quite a bit, and i hear and see what people are looking for, and the survey really shows shit all, its just people giving a fast and quick response to a survey. Sit in the rooms from time to time and listen to the chatters talk and hear there input on things, thats the real heart of it....but to come with cam and mic ..oh please more issues will be at hand and etc....DRAMA lol. cam & Mic is old news now if you want that just go to Paltalk where all the sex and useless chat is LOL. Buzzen can be so much more then what it is but there's a lack of communications between developers and bosses. all different idea's and none the same....all different directions...!!! (Shame)

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