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mIRC - Beta Version 7.02 Released

Khaled has released a new beta version of mIRC. Mainly the latest version seems to deal with compatibility with WINE. Now mIRC will try to disable components that will not work when using WINE. Here is a break down of the changes for the latest beta version as posted by Khaled.


The latest version of the beta is mIRC v7.02, released on May 1st 2010, and includes the following changes:


1. Added Unicode/UTF-8 BOM support to file routines. This applies to all files that are read or written as text, including ini files.

2. Changed DCC Send/Get windows to allow full filename to be viewed when window is resized.

3. Changed DCC Get to open download file with exclusive write access.

4. Added support for detecting Wine so that mIRC can use alternative code for features that need it. Around fifteen separate workarounds were implemented. Features that could not be made to work reliably (richedit editbox support and playing mp3 and mid files) are now disabled.

5. Changed mouse wheel scroll method in the script editor editbox to allow faster/smoother scrolling.

6. Fixed system shell DDE messages bug.

7. Changed font-linking implementation slightly, should be faster and support more characters.

8. Added support for /dns $server to fill $serverip for SOCKS5 users, though note that this results in a DNS leak.

9. Fixed treebar background update bug.

10. Optimized display routine, should now be faster when displaying control codes.

11. Fixed $regml().pos bug.

12. Added Names dialog back to Display options dialog.

13. Fixed /sockudp -k bug.

14. Fixed line colors parsing bug when reloading log files.

15. Fixed query flood check bug.

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