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ngIRCd Release 16

Caution: ngIRCd-versions previous to 0.10.4 contain a bug which can be used (also remotely) to crash the daemon. All installations should be updated to version 0.10.4 or newer!

The SSL/TLS functions prior to 14.1 have a bug which can crash the daemon as well. If using SSL/TLS you should update to at least ngIRCd 14.1 (or newer)!


New Features:


- Enhace connection statistics counters: display total number of served

connections on daemon shutdown and when a new client connects using

the new numeric RPL_STATSCONN (250).


Implement WEBIRC command used by some Web-IRC frontends.


The password


required to secure this command must be configured using the new

"WebircPassword" variable in the ngircd.conf file.

- Remove limit on max number of configured irc operators.

- A new channel mode "secure connections only" (+z) has been




Only clients using a SSL encrypted connection to the server are allowed

to join such a channel.

But please note three things: a) already joined clients are not checked

when setting this mode, b) IRC operators are always allowed to join

every channel, and c) remote clients using a server not supporting this

mode are not checked either and therefore always allowed to join.


More Info & DownLoads go Here:

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