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ICQ sold off, IrCQnet now russian owned

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As AOL released details of the latest sale it would appear that ICQ a very popular IM service in eastern europe is now in the hands of a Russian firm whom purchased ICQ and we assume IrCQnet along with it for just under $200 million dollors. CNET covered the story which will have some interesting turns and twists for one of the largest networks in the world, IrCQnet has had long standing issues with adopting none english speaking users (in mass) to the service however with Russian ownership now in place it would appear the choices will be limited to adopt or closesure.


However of course IrCQnet has not been highlighted as part of the sale with the main goal being the capture of the IM and of course the user base that has, details from CNET below:


AOL clears another asset off its books, just in time for first-quarter earnings: Digital Sky Technologies, the Russian investors with a seemingly insatiable appetite for American Web properties (Facebook, Zynga, etc.), is buying Tim Armstrong's ICQ chat service. They're paying $187.5 million, and AOL expects the deal to close by the third quarter.


Read more: http://ircreport.com/news/networks/379. ... z0nOg3tMZO

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