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Chat Server's Big Or Small

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I have to say it's kool seeing people interested in making there own server, even if its a small server you still learn a lot from it and creating it. If you want to see what the cost are or how to start and making it, this is the best way to see for yourself whats involved. Yes we all know Buzzen is the leading chat server, but it still dosent mean that the little servers are not as good. all it means is that Buzzen have a good team of developers and have the cost to do more then others. I still have my server up and running but not like before. the cost are a huge issue and the time and effort in working on a server is long hours. But its really nice to see people taking an interest in trying to create there own and develop what they feel a server should look like. Keep up the great work people and never let others tell you different!!



My opinion and thoughts


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I built my first chat site in 2004 and basically just had a few name changes over the years to what it is now.

I have helped a few others build there chat sites also, or built it for them.

Things have changed allot since 2004 with paper chat servers running from home computers.

Very early days of Phreik was run from my own home computer for a while.

Now days it's IRCD,IRCX,IRCXW with flash clients and a few like myself still run the msn OCX. (good old faithful)

Yes costs are high to set up a good server and 10's of hours coding if you are able to code.

I have in the past set up 3 sites all linked to the same chat server with there own chat pages made up to the style of there sites. This cuts the costs dramatically for those just starting out and trying to explore there own site.

A knowledge of php,mysql data base,mirc and html is a good start if looking to start your own site.

If chain would like to turn this into a question and answer forum that would be great, I would love to help and hope others would get involved too.

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Chain thanks for posting this and saying what you did!! I agree with you I used to run a couple chat servers in the past some before Buzzen came along. I have now gone back to that dream I once had and have opened Essential. I don't expect Essential to grow the size of buzz, I mainly want it to be a little homie type server for friends and such, now if it does grow then that's great also. But Thanks for posting this it means alot!!

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