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New Chat Server Opened ircWx Live Network

IRCwx Server is based on new IRCwx Protocol based on IRCX.

Current number of connections: 8; and current number of chat rooms: 2

IRCwx's most notable features include:

Web Support - It comes with built-in web interface support (only windows and

User-Friendly - It is designed to make it easy for administrators to operate all aspects of the server's system through admin panels (site and irc server) through simple and intuitive interface, popular irc client mirc, and other client software. Interface for users is also very intuitive and straightforward.

Powerful - It is feature rich and designed to support large number of users.

Easy Installation - Simply download the software and follow the instructions and the system will be up and running within minutes.

Localization Support - It supports multi-language localization feature which allows administrators to change the interface for any language.

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Easy Installation - Simply download the software ?

i don't see a download option ...would love to test it out on one of my servers.

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