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chain for sale

Yes as noted on numerous other sites for example Auronia is up for grabs, to answer the questions of why – well the basic issue is I do not feel i can offer the commitment IRCReport has become a custom too with timely news and what not.


Aside from that I have been working on a long time now across its several other versions and eventually you just grow tired of the same old thing – in other words between time commitments and a wish to not see the site die off I would rather put it into the hands of someone else.


Until that happens IRCReport will continue to run as normal .. or as normal as i can commit too it. In terms of the sale you will be given the domain which has a modest rank on Alexa of 823,225 globally 71,072 in Germany and has continued to grow (according to analytics) each month.


If you need further details, see Website Grader where we have a 98/100 ranking:


You get the site, the domain, everything else included (feedburner feeds can be pushed to your account) etc etc


You will need to:


1. find your own hosting


2. transfer the domain to your own domain provider


aside from that I’m happy to help the site get installed etc etc, in terms of pricing it’s a case of first one to send in an acceptable offer gets the lot – interested ? use the


This will be a sad day as I like X-Ception and his work, hes been so with IRC and keeps all of us all informed about whats going on in the IRC world. I made friends with X-Ception about a year ago and continue to keep this friendship alive. Hes very dedicated to IRC and its a shame that he dosent have the time!! To be honest with all of you I truly hope he dosent sell it and continues on it!! :tp

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From reading this iam sure it was sold, but still no confirmation?


The feedback of recent has been really positive despite the fact that i will indeed yes be moving on from the project, IRC Resource to pick one out for example had some really kind words to offer. I have always said that if and when i do move on from this little project of mine I would make every effort to make sure that whomever takes over would be someone whom shares the same passion of IRC that i myself do.


While it is too early to be naming names all being well IRCReport will have a new chief running the show soon that has such passion which is great. Aside from handing the site over and starting to wrap things up around here It’s been great to see the other IRC news sites getting in touch and offering kind words – proof of concept that despite competing factors we IRC users can at times get along


As Solitary Scar noted on IRC Resource I am a Joomla! fan as such, mostly due to my role being linked into such but aside from that .. it’s just a kickass CMS and that is likely where I will go.


I’m not sure what the new perspective owner has inline for IRCReport if it will exist as it is, redesign, changes who knows but I’m certain it’ll be for the best of the site!


It’s very likely this announcement will be my last on the blog so to all whom I have worked with over all the years – thank you it’s been fun, it’s been a blast and of course i hope you show the same support and kindness you showed me over the years to the new owner I will still be around in one of the #IRCReport channels hope to see some of you around

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