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ChainScriptz December 2014 Update

Good day,

  Just wanted to update everyone on what will be happening with chainscriptz over then next couple weeks. 

We have decided to move off of a shared host and now have a dedicated server for chains stuff. So over the next couple weeks we will be moving the site over to the new server. Due to this dns will not work for a few hours to 48 hrs depending on your ISP, location and other factors.  


To join the irc network during this time you can use direct ip to the servers. -     (newark nj) -  (dallas tx)


One the move is complete the dns will be reset so everything should work properly again. We hope this move will allow us to experiment with different technologies to help grow ChainScriptz.


Any questions or concerns please dont hesitate to post to this thread or email


Thanks All 

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