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Modded Chat Server

Nice chat server PK i see you've been working hard.  :d5f02ecd: 

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Thank you Chain. Sorry i missed you, time frame is a hassle when I'm at work and its your evening.

The IRC client rule side is modified with an ircx background which makes it all possible.

I will say this, the server is not for download atm and a normal OfficeIRC download wont give you these options.

The download atm can give you unicode via IRCX side with 'nicks. The ' in front was annoying.

People coming in on iRC saw encrypted type nicks in the chat room.

I now have Irssi bots and others coming in with unicode nicks.

I saw all the other sites like there unicode nicks but I wanted to get away from the connection scripts.

Job done and very happy with the result.

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