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Steam Link Anywhere beta takes PC game streaming on the road

Valve giving a major expansion to its game streaming service. Just ahead of the 2019 Game Developers Conference, the company announced the release of Steam Link Anywhere, a new feature that will let gamers remotely access and play their favorite titles on basically any machine with Steam and an internet connection.

Currently in early beta, Steam Link Anywhere is available on the discontinued Steam Link hardware or through the Steam Link app. When installed, the app essentially makes your game library available to you anywhere. That means you can stream your favorite games from your primary computer to another computer, Android device, or Android TV set-top box. (Apple is still blocking the Steam app, so you won't be able to play games on iOS or Apple TV for the time being.) Previously, the app only worked within a person's home on machines connected to the same network.

The only requirements for Steam Link Anywhere to work -- other than having the app installed on both your home and remote machines -- are a good upload speed from your host computer and strong network connection for the device you're playing on.

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