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Google will pick your best photos and print them with new trial service

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A new subscription service from Google Photos will print and mail you a selection of your photos each month, 9to5Google reports. The service’s $7.99 monthly fee gets you 10 automatically-selected 4 x 6-inch prints, which are picked from the photos you’ve taken over the last 30 days. Google is currently trialing the service in the US, and you can sign up from a promotional banner that’s appearing for some Google Photos users.

Google has been offering physical photo prints for a little while now, but the interesting thing here is that its algorithms will pick which of your photos get printed, rather than relying on you placing individual orders. 9to5Google reports that you have the option of prioritizing photos with “people and pets,” “landscapes,” or “a little bit of everything.” You also have the option of editing your selection before they’re printed each month.

This curation comes at a cost. At this price the photos work out at $0.79 per print, which is more than double the starting price of $0.25 Google charges for photos printed using its Walmart or CVS partnerships. However, the subscription service is definitely less effort than picking individual photos to print yourself.

Physical photos are one of those things that it’s easy to miss out on entirely if you take most of your photos on a smartphone or digital camera and forget to ever get them printed. Personally, the struggle for me is remembering to take photos in the first place, but knowing that I’m going to get charged at the end of each month could be exactly the kind of incentive I need to get snapping.

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