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What are the best IRC clients for Windows?

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HexChat is available as a free download with source code licensed under GPL v2 and available on GitHub

Weechat can be fully driven by keyboard shortcuts. Navigating between buffers, switching between windows and changing text styling can all be achieved with keyboard shortcuts.



Free and open source

Quassal is available for free with source code licensed under GPL and available here

It works perfectly with Windows 10, has all the needed functions like: 1 - handle all irc:// links. 2 - start with windows. 3 - start minimized. 4 - close to tray icon when pressing X(close button). 5 - it can

Despite whats been said, development has been continuing at a steady pace on version 4.3.1 and more recently 4.3.2.





While there are plugins there is no built in support for VoIP in Pidgin which is time consuming to implement instead of being baked in from the jump.

The latest release of XChat was in 2010.

Capable of connecting to multiple servers and channels all at on

IRCCloud offers an option to keep idling in a channel even when the user is not connected. This way no conversations or mentions will be missed while away

Kiwi's default interface is aesthetically modern, while keeping a classic two-column layout with chat window on the left and nicklist on the right. Unlike many other interfaces, a considerable amount of


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Chain i agree with Wes's replies wholey, Edit your post and put mIRC at top as its the best IRC Client you can get for Windows or otherwise. 

If your going for Windows clients im pretty sure Hex Chat & Irssi are for linux based especially when Hex Chats licence is a unix licence guess you could add notes on them to say VIA VMware or The Built In Linux On Win10 But Thats A Piece Of Shit. 

Anyways bro I would say keep up the good work but this wasnt that good so I will say keep up the work.

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forgot abit

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