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Flashback: 3 Useful and Fun mIRC Scripts

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You might think that IRC (Internet Relay Chat), a chat protocol first developed in 1988, has gone the way of the dinosaur. But, according to Wikipedia, the most popular IRC networks still serve over half a million users at a time, and IRC still has some unique uses that might surprise you.

One of the most popular IRC clients, mIRC (which you can download here), allows you to load scripts into it that can be used for a variety of purposes. I’ve listed a few of those scripts here. Each has a completely different purpose, from showing computer statistics to playing trivia games to hosting file servers.

If you haven’t used IRC before, maybe these scripts will give you a reason to give it a try (and maybe even make your own IRC channel); if you have used it before but not recently, perhaps they can help rekindle an old love. I’m sure they’ll show you some of the unique purposes that you can use IRC for besides just chatting!


mirc scripts

The DarkEngine Script is useful for seeing your computer’s statistics, like how much hard drive space is free, your current uptime (and record uptime), and your current RAM and CPU use. Although there are other programs that can do this, DarkEngine is thorough and quick, and it can be used to easily compare your stats with other IRC users.

To set it up, all you have to do is unzip the DarkEngine script files into the mIRC directory and then type /load -rs de4.mrc in mIRC. Now right-click on a blank space on the mIRC chat window and you’ll see a new option called DarkEngine DLL. Hover over it and you’ll see a long list of options; from here, you can choose the statistics that you want to be posted into the chat window you’re in.

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Tat’s Trivia Bot

mirc scripts

Tat’s Trivia Bot is the best trivia bot for IRC. It comes preloaded with almost 8000 questions, so you’ll have to play it for a pretty long time before you run into any repeats; and it’s heavily customizable without requiring any messy text file editing.

To set it up, first unzip the trivia bot files and move them into your mIRC directory. Then type /load -rs trivscript.mrc in mIRC. Now right-click in a blank space on the mIRC chat window and you should see a new menu option that says Trivia. Hover over it and then click Trivia Options. Now in the first tab under Channels at the top, you simply need to click Add and type the name of the channel that the trivia bot will be operating in.

mirc commands

And then you’re good to go. But you’ve probably noticed the sheer number of options available in that menu. You pretty much have control over everything, including the length of time between questions and hints, what answers will be accepted, and text colors used. Be sure to explore all of the options for awhile and choose the settings that are best for your game (don’t be afraid to experiment!).

You can even write your own questions easily by adding them to the questions.txt file. For a less traditional (but fun) variation on trivia, I recommend writing questions pertaining to inside jokes that only regular visitors to the IRC channel could answer.


SysReset is the most popular mIRC script that enables you to host a file server. You can use it to allow other users to download files from you.

To set it up, you have to download either the full installation, which comes with mIRC; or, if you already have mIRC, the upgrade pack. After running the installer and opening mIRC, you should find an option called SysReset in the menu bar at the top. From that menu, select the first option, File Server Manager. Now go to the File Server Triggers tab.

First, make sure you check the box under Trigger Global Settings, between Respond to: and !list. Then, in the Fserve Trigger List section, click Add. You will be prompted to type in a name for your file server.

mirc commands

Next you will be prompted to select a welcome file; you can skip this for now by clicking Cancel. Then you have to select the server root””the folder that you will be allowing users to access and download files from.

Finally, return to the SysReset option on the menu bar and hover over Servers Active near the bottom. Select On from this menu.

Now your file server should be ready to be used. To test whether it works, you should connect to a server and join a channel. Then type /server -m <server> -j <channel> to join the same channel as a second user. Now, if you type !list, you should receive a message containing the trigger that users have to type to access your file server. Copy and paste that trigger and hit enter.

mirc commands

If all goes well, a new tab should open and you should connect to the file server. Typing dir will list files and folders, cd <folder> will allow you to see the contents of another folder, and get <file> will start a download or place you in the queue for a download.

SysReset has tons of features that you can customize. From the File Server Manager menu you can change your text colors, how many files can be downloaded at a time or be queued for download, and much more. Experiment a little and find out what works best for you.


If you’re a long-time IRC user, you’ve probably encountered plenty of other mIRC scripts out there. What are some of your favorites?

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