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Im so getting fedup of this virus shit going on. Montreal Quebec goverment has now stated that all construction sites must halt for 3 weeks. and that everyone should stay home for 3 weeks also. now thats all good if your employed but being self employed is some what different we make from $1.000.00 to $6.000.00 to much more. ive invested all my money in a new house and im told to stay home?  whis going to pay my mortgage ........ its a freaking cold virus and hit kills it. many sciencetists have proven that theory and to be honest for all that are stupid or dum this is a man made virus thanks to your goverment or political people that put it in play in china!! This shit is just for the economey to bring the stock market down and then regroup. yay we all have to suffer and also theres a video off saddum hussin talking about the convid-19 virus which the states was proposing to give him. anyways. once again because another country has the huge market they have to take them down and reassure they get back on top!!! 




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